Monday, August 11, 2008

Sewing hiatus

Alas, I have been looking at my favorite sewing websites and sighing b/c I have no time to make any outfits! I outsourced the Bean's b'day outfit b/c I'd already bought the fabric and everything BEFORE Baby G was born, and it still isn't made. I am drooling over the beautiful chambrays, corduroys, and other fall fabrics, and yet my sewing machine sits idly by in the dining room gathering dust. I even bought some fall appliques before Baby G was born (like an elephant and a football for AL games in the fall, and a turkey too), but when can I sew?? Naptimes are starting to sync up in the afternoon, but that's when I get dinner made or at least started, and do any house work that needs to be done. And once the hubby gets home, it's crazy until the Bean's bedtime, and Baby G's bedtime is not until 9 or 10 pm still. And even once his bedtime backs up, I do like to spend time w/ RR and watch a little TV. Arggh. Does anybody else have any hobbies that don't get done ever once you have a second kid??? :) Or if they do get done, do you wake up b/f the kids or do it on weekends when the hubby is home or what? Any suggestions, you craft/hobby/sewing people out there?


Amy said...

Are you sending Bean to MDO? My only suggestion is to do it then. I had to just put my stuff away for about 2 years. Jake is 4 and Brady is 2.5 and I am just now getting time to do some stuff. I did, however, try to plan like 1 Sat every other month to have completely to myself to work on a hobby. This didn't always happen but I tried to make it happen. Just know that this is only a season. My top piece of advice for second time moms is to take time to sit and rest - be still and refill every day. It won't happen doing crafts - too much time while they are little. Use at least 1 hour of their naps in the afternoons for YOU!!! It will make all the difference in the world. I PROMISE
Sorry this is so long.

katie said...

i'll pray that God gives you an unexpected moment... it's hard when your littlest is up late. once their bedtimes coincide, you at least have the nighttime. hang in there mama!

Allison said...

I have only a few hobbies, and I will say that they began to resurrect themselves around the time when jake was one. by that time, most days were predictable, bedtime was always at 6:30 or 7 for both kids, they napped at the same time AND the kids were beginning to play with and entertain each other. Before that time, I would usually try and do some stuff on the weekends if it worked out. hang in there. There will be sewing again!

April Brown said...

I've been meaning to tell you this so now is as good a time as any. When I went from 1 child to 2 that really rocked me. Time to do anything seemed impossible!! Sewing for sure was no longer on the list for at least 6 months...until baby 2 had more predictable naps in the morning and afternoon. I finally shucked my sewing projects down to church outfits and maybe 1 or 2 "fun things" for spring/summer. It's just too defeating to plan on sewing fall/winter outfits, especially holiday clothes that will be worn for only 1 month, when you have LITTLE babies!! I would encourage you to plan on maybe one or two outfits that can be worn for the entire fall/winter months and go to consignment shops for the least for this year! That's what I had to do last year and I really was able to enjoy the season and not feel so stressed!

lauren said...

hobby? what's that again?

The Shulls said...

Oh... I finally meet somebody else that feels like me!!! I have three hobbies. I love to quilt, do some cross stitch and scrapbook. As you can imagine, I have "unfinished and no started" projects in all of them. I haven't even finished Isaiah's baby book (includes my pregnancy). I still struggle with time to do things that I love... The boys take only one nap a day and if I am lucky (mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays) they'll nap twice.

What I would suggest is to plan a day a week that you can work on your hobbies. Since they sync once a day, I would try to do stuff ahead the day before (cleaning or house related) and that day I would make something out of a crockpot or a casserole that you can prepare in advance when RR is at home. So it won't demand a lot of that time.

Now, I have to be honest. I've had this idea for months and never actually make it happen. But, I think it might work... if I am committed to it.

Hope it helps!


Sherry said...

Hey Amanda! I don't know if you remember me from college, but I'll always remember you as my fav Miss JSU!! ;) I saw your blog on Jeff (could have sworn his last name was something else) Graham's facebook. Anyway, your fam is beautiful and it looks like you are very close! I live about 20 minutes from Hoover -- small world!

Oh, and I haven't sewn anything of substance since M was 18 months old, two kiddos have come in those 2 years, so I cut myself some slack. I have been threatening to go to the smocking birds classes they have to "finish projects,", but geez-a-loo I hate to have to pay for time!!! You'll get get back to it soon, I bet!