Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie recs, anyone?

RR has so far liked none of the movies I have on our Netflix queue. Anybody have any recommendations? We've seen most of the really popular you may have to think hard! Our latest movies was Moulin Rouge. Weird. The one before that was The Hours. Weirder. RR especially likes drama, action or sports films. We did watch the Freedom Writers - that was good!

Things I Enjoy Part 2

I thought I'd put a few things the Bean enjoys:

  • taking stuff out of drawers or baskets and throwing it around (this can occupy her for quite a while!) The evidence is above!!

  • anything Mommy and Daddy are eating

  • walking around with her push toy

  • clapping her hands

  • going for strolls

  • being outside

  • being around people, especially her Mimi, Grandpa, Uncle Drew, Aunt Marianna and Cousin Evan

  • Daddy coming home each day

  • dogs

Things the Bean doesn't enjoy:

  • the top 0' the morning diaper change

  • going to the nursery

  • baby food (she wants to feed herself!)

T'hings I enjoy about the Bean:

  • her toothy grin (8 teeth so far!)

  • sweet (and sometimes slobbery) kisses and hugs

  • snuggling (very rare nowadays)

  • baby babble (especially mamamamamama)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm not dead yet!!

Anybody recognize that quote from Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail??? Anyway, I did want to let the world know that I am not dead nor have I decided to quit blogging. Right after the last post, we left for vacation, then there was the week of the 4th and then my new embroidery machine messed up so I had to take my computer (since it holds the machine's software) along w/ the embroidery machine to the repair shop. Argghh. I've had the machine a month, and it's now at it's second repair shop. Hopefully it will get fixed this time.

To copy the blog ideas of others, here are some things I'm enjoying right now:

  • white chocolate frappe from Seattle Drip drive through in DIE for!
  • using all the gift certificates from my birthday
  • sewing clothes for the Bean
  • having my computer back!!
  • so you think you can dance
  • afternoon walks w/ my neighbor and friend Erin (you're back in town - yea!!)

Here are some things I'm not enjoying:

  • the Bean waking up early again (we went through a blissful two weeks of 7 am to 7:30 am...ahhhh)
  • the ongoing embroidery machine debacle!!
  • the extra poundage I need to lose (the white chocolate frappes do not help in this department)