Wednesday, February 29, 2012

September: baby announcements, Bubs first day of school, random pics

Here we are at September already! :) It's only the last day of February as I type this. Better late than never.
September brought first smiles from Baby Girl, and Bubs had his first day of school. We also send out birth announcements, which is kind of a funny story. A friend of mine offered to do our announcements for free, and so we were emailing back and forth on all the details. Long story short, after I had them printed I realized the wrong birthdate was on there. I had told my friend Baby Girl's due date instead of her birthdate. Oh well! I guess I was more sleep deprived than I thought!
Bubs goes to 3 year old Mother's Day Out one morning a week, and he loves his teachers and going to class. He looks forward to it every week. He's not so much into learning or sitting still, but he loves the playground, snacktime, and especially playing with his friends. He is our social butterfly for sure. He will walk up to kids at the park, iJump, McWane, wherever and ask them to play. And in two minutes he's made a new best friend. :) We are interested to see how he does in K4 next year, when there will be actual learning and teaching taking place. He is doing better on his attention span though, and a few times a week we work on our letters. He recognizes his name now and can name the letters in it, and can even roughly trace them if I can get him to sit down long enough to do it. :) He knows all his colors and can count a little past ten. He's not big into arts and crafts like the Bean, but he does like painting and cutting with scissors. He's always very proud of the crafts he does in school and can't wait to show them to Daddy. Even though he requires a lot of my energy, I will be a little sad when he's in school three mornings a week next year! He is such a precious little boy, with his charming little grin!

Trying to get a pic for birth announcements...have I mentioned that I'm terrible at taking pictures??
Bubs assisting with the photoshoot...
This is the pic we ended up using for the birth anouncements...

I thought this one was sweet. Bubs LOVES Baby Girl and dotes on her a lot.
Baby Girl with her great-grandfather at my parent's house.
Bubs on his first day of school!

Snoozing away...Baby Girl prefers sleeping on her tummy...
What a sweet smile! Don't you just want to squeeze those cute cheeks?!
Nothing escapes the Bean's craftiness, including Baby Girl. Those hearts on her jammies are stickers. The Bean decorated Baby Girl when Mommy wasn't looking. :)
Just being precious...
Random pic having fun in the rain...

August 2: the Bean's birthday

The Bean's birthday was also in August. Since we had a 6 week old at the time, we wanted to have the party at home, and basically have someone else besides myself run the show. :) I was super excited when someone told me about a girl at our church who does character parties. She does Snow White, Cinderella, Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, and others. The Bean is still super into princesses, and so we chose Cinderella. "Cinderella" did an INCREDIBLE job! I highly recommend her. The Bean and all her buddies had a blast. "Cinderella" arrives in her rags and goes through the whole storyline of Cinderella. She talks about how her stepmother and stepsisters mistreat her and make her clean, and she gets the girls to help her dust using dustrags. Then she gets an invitation to the royal ball, and the girls help her get ready for the ball. Then they learn a dance for the ballroom, and rush "home" by the stroke of midnight where they fall asleep. And of course at the end they all get to try on the glass slipper. She really involved the Bean as the birthday girl, and they sang several songs from the the Cinderella movie. It was absolutely precious. And all I had to do was get a cake, and "Cinderella" did the rest - she even cut the cake for us!

My friend Sara N. let me borrow this adorable carriage. I'm terrible with flowers, but I think it turned out ok!

Cinderella arriving in her rags costume.

Getting ready for the ball...
Falling asleep at the stroke of midnight...
Making a wish!

I took a picture of each girl with Cinderella and mailed it off with the thank you notes.
All the girls had to hug Cinderella before she left...
A magicial time was had by all...and they lived happily ever after. :)
The End.