Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can you say blackmail?!?

Wearing Mommy's shoes...a sassy leopard print!
Princess Bubs

I'm actually shocked that the Snow White outfit was off the Bean's body long enough for Bubs to put it on. The Bean wants to wear her Snow White outfit EVERYWHERE.

Poor Bubs. His big sis loves to dress up, and all her dress-up clothes are girly. Bubs wants to join in the fun, but the only "boy" dress-up stuff we have is a little fireman's hat...and a "cowboy hat" ('s actually Mommy's old straw beach hat, but hey, it KIND OF looks like a cowboy hat???). So Bubs ends up wearing the Bean's dress-up clothes. These will be the pictures I break out when his freshman prom date comes over. He, he, he!!! Those and the bathtub pics!! Maybe next b'day or Christmas I will buy poor Bubs a Superman cape or something. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Packing down a snowball...
Chunking a snowball at Mama

This is "Crocodile Lake" in our neighborhood. No, that's not the actual name...just what the Bean calls it. I think she got that from a Dora episode. (Note the lack of snow!!)

Walking tall and carrying a big stick. :)

By the time we went out and played in the snow, we really didn't have much snow in our yard. So we went for a little walk to our neighborhood park and enjoyed some snow on the way. I also realized how unprepared we are for cold weather. I am the only one who has a hat, scarf, and gloves. Ray has two of the three, and Bubs has a hat. The Bean had nothing. So the kids wore "sock mittens." Is it just me, or is anybody else too cheap to buy a hat and mitten set when your child MIGHT use it once or twice a year? Their coats have hoods, so most days that's all they need! Anyway, the kiddos had big fun playing in the snow. Bubs mostly just liked walking around in it and was content to carry sticks around during our walk. The Bean, however, instigated a snowball fight with Daddy. He was happy to oblige. :) It was beautiful to see everything dusted in snow. That was my favorite part!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phone calls from the Bean

Some of you may not know it, but the Bean calls you regularly. :) She will get one of our play cell phones and walk around, just talking your ear off. The following is how a few of her recent conversations went. I have not embellished anything, and I pretty much wrote down verbatim what she said as fast as I could dictate...

A "conversation" with Mimi:

Mimi, what do you want? An egg? Sorry, we ate them all gone. You could eat a play egg. How about a banana? Ok. I'll let you go. See you later. Bye bye.

(But she continues her conversation even though she has said bye bye.)

Evan is still sick so he can't come over. How is Sarah Grace? Does Uncle Drew still have poop all over him? What did you say? I am making dinner in my kitchen. You can call me anytime. Ok. I'll let you go. But I think I'm going to your house today. But I'm lost. What did Jesus promise? Ok, well, bye bye. I'm driving on my way. Ok Mimi, you can come here. You are fine. You are just the right size. It really is sin. Do you know what sin is? Everything you do, do to others as you would have them do to you, 'cause this sums up the law and the prophets. If God was, I would hit Jesus. But Jesus would not hit Mimi. Who made us? God made us. Mimi, I really don't want to talk on the phone anymore. You are not cooperating.

A "conversation" with Grandpaw:

Hi Grandpaw! What was Mimi doing? You are getting me some new shoes? I have a bunny you would like. I love you. I have to let you go.

A "conversation" with Daddy:

Ok. Hi, Daddy. What are you doing at your office? Working on some pants? No, you're not!

A "conversation" with her friend, Little I over at The Robertson Reporter:

Hi, Little I! Do you love me? You do? Well, I will come to your house now. We are waiting on Daddy to come home.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RR's B'day!

For RR's b'day, we decided to celebrate at home. So the Bean and I threw a party for him! :) She helped me pick out the decorations - yellow balloons and streamers, Sponge Bob hats (seriously Wal-mart - you need to step up your party hat selection!!), and a handmade sign. The Bean helped me make one of Daddy's favorite desserts - cherry cheesecake - yes, the Jello kind from a box. That's his fave. And it just so happens to be very easy for the Bean to help make. We made a special brunch for RR, then he got to choose what he wanted for dinner. It happened to be Milo's, so the Bean and I picked Milo's for dinner and we all had cheesecake afterward. It was nice just to have a family day at home together. Also, a few days b/f his b'day, Mimi and Grampa came over to visit and brought him cupcakes. These were enjoyed by all. The Bean licked the icing off one and asked for another. There was icing everywhere...even in the Bean's belly button! We had to pick them up and tote them straight to the tub. Happy b'day RR/Daddy! We love you!!