Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, I finished the Bean's Easter dress in plenty of time and it fit great. Yea! We had a crazy Easter b/c my mom came down w/ the stomach flu (she was sick for a week), so we couldn't spend time w/ my family like normal. And we were too last minute to make plans w/ anybody, so we ended up going to Logan's Steakhouse after church w/ another couple in our Sunday School class who had no plans either. :) The church service was great, and we are so thankful that we serve a risen Savior. Next year I think I'll try the resurrection eggs. I think the Bean was too young for them this time. And I may try an Easter baking project next year too in order to explain the resurrection to the Bean. Again, a little too young this year. If anybody has any good ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Here's a pic of the Bean in her Easter dress that we took b/f church. (She is doing her "toothy grin.") It's a good thing we took a pic b/f church too, b/c after church she got ketchup all over her dress at lunch. (It did come out!) No family pics, b/c there was nobody around to take a pic of all 3 of us.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wait 'til you hear this one!!

Most of you know that I grew up in a very small rural town called Glencoe. Well, guess what I saw when I went home this weekend and turned onto my parent's road????

That's right...a dating service just for Glencoe!!! I looked this up...our population is approximately 5,200 people, and the town covers about a 16 mile radius. Let's say that 50% of the population is married or too young/too old to date. (And that's probably a little low.) That leaves 2,600. And let's say 50% of those singles actually sign up on this site. (And that's probably a little high.) That's 1,300. And say the male to female ratio is 50/50. That leaves 650 potential date matches. And out of all of those, how many would you actually match with, like 5%? That's only 32 or 33 people. And they probably already know them all anyway!!! Seriously...have the website creators ever heard of E-Harmony?????? There's not enough numbers to even make it worthwhile!!

I have been laughing about this all weekend. I know there are a couple of Glencoe singles who read this blog...I DARE you to try it out!! Wouldn't it be funny if we knew your matches? Let me know if you do. :) I'll post some results.

Comment moderation

Hey all...just wanted to let you know that I have enabled comment moderation b/c I rec'd some "spam" comments on one of my posts. I hope none of you clicked on "Jason's" site that wanted you to check out some way to save money or something. I didn't, so I don't know where it led or what it was about. I just deleted them. Anyway, now when you comment, it won't publish immediately. It will email me, and I have to choose to publish or reject it. If I don't get any spam comments for a while, I will probably switch it back after some time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring cleaning

Today after lunch, the Bean wanted to play in the car (don't ask me why she likes to do that), so I just sat and watched her play and roam about the car f0r 5-10 minutes. What was she doing that whole time, you ask? She found a napkin and cleaned the entire front and middle rows with it. I mean, she wiped down the console, steering column, leather seats, her carseat, windows, etc...even the ceiling. And she put her car toys up too. For those of you who don't know, RR is a major clean freak (me not so much, but I am still pretty tidy), so I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree!! :) Like father, like daughter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is chivalry dead?

Ok seriously...where are all the gentlemen nowadays??? The Bean and I are out and about a good bit, and I don't think I've once been offered any help for anything. Not even an open door. Need I mention that I am 7 months pregnant w/ an obviously broken knee cap? The other day I was at Costco w/ several able-bodied men around and about, and I actually lifted a huge case of 30 bottled waters or so into my cart by myself. And then into my trunk at the end of our trip. Or I'll have trouble getting a door open by myself while trying to hold the Bean's hand or push her stroller through the door, and nary a man comes to my aid. Or I'll drop something and men will just look at me as I attempt to bend down and pick it up. I say, is chivalry dead??? :)

(For the record, RR is quite the gentlemen, as are all your husbands, I'm sure. Too bad they're not around during the day when I'm out and about!!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Two funny stories

Story #1: The Spectacle

The Bean and I were in Chick-fil-a the other night b/c RR had to work late...we were having a girls night out. :) (FYI, the Chick-fil-a on 280 in the 'ham has Family Night every Tuesday night, and when you buy an adult combo, you get a 4 pc kids meal free. Even through the drive-thru!) So there we were eating our dinner. I traded in her kids toy for an ice cream, (Also something Chick-fil-a does.) and we were about to head home. When I picked her up from her high chair, the back of her pants were soaked. And from the smell, it wasn't #1. So I took her to the bathroom to change her diaper and clean her up. Without being too gross, let's just say that I knew I couldn't put her back into her clothes...even her socks. And of course, I didn't have a change of clothes for her in her diaper bag. So I get her cleaned up, put her in her cardigan sweater (thank goodness it was cold that day and I had her in layers) and her shoes (no socks) and her diaper. I went to the counter and asked for a bag to put her clothes in, and the two of us walked out to the and my pregnant self w/ a peg leg to boot, and the Bean w/ her diaper and naked legs for all to see. What a spectacle. :)

Story #2: The Near Calamity

Today at church it was just the Bean and I, so we go to get in the car after church and of course, I put her in first and shut the door. But b/c she was squirmy, I just let her crawl around the back seat instead of strapping her into her car seat while I hobbled around to the other side to strap her in. When I got to the other side, I realized that she had locked the doors. And of course, I'd already thrown my keys into the driver's seat and tossed my purse (w/ my phone) into the passenger seat. And since I'm so slow these days, it was 12:40 pm and the parking lot was pretty much cleared out. So what's a pregnant-broke-kneed mom to do when her child locks herself in the car??? I looked around for someone w/ a phone, and there was no one, so I started trying to instruct the Bean on how to open the door from the inside. She actually tried to pull the knob several times, but couldn't quite get it. Finally a friend (w/ four kids of her own in tow and no hubby w/ her that morning either) walked by, and I told her to call RR. But he didn't answer his phone b/c he didn't recognize the number. So I tried again: I told the Bean to go to the front seat and push the button on Mama's keys. So she did, but instead of pushing the unlock button on the keys, she takes the key and tries to stick it in the window to get the door open. By this time her little cheeks are turning red b/c it's 70 degrees outside and hot in the car. So I told her to try the knob thing on the front door, and voila!! It worked!! The moral of the story: always have some way of unlocking your car on your person at all times. Or hope your 18-month-old follows instructions as well as mine did today!

Free giveaway!

My friend Becky posted about this, and I entered the contest and thought some of you might be interested too! Read below!

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