Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is chivalry dead?

Ok seriously...where are all the gentlemen nowadays??? The Bean and I are out and about a good bit, and I don't think I've once been offered any help for anything. Not even an open door. Need I mention that I am 7 months pregnant w/ an obviously broken knee cap? The other day I was at Costco w/ several able-bodied men around and about, and I actually lifted a huge case of 30 bottled waters or so into my cart by myself. And then into my trunk at the end of our trip. Or I'll have trouble getting a door open by myself while trying to hold the Bean's hand or push her stroller through the door, and nary a man comes to my aid. Or I'll drop something and men will just look at me as I attempt to bend down and pick it up. I say, is chivalry dead??? :)

(For the record, RR is quite the gentlemen, as are all your husbands, I'm sure. Too bad they're not around during the day when I'm out and about!!)


lauren said...

oh no! just don't move to the north--you'll never see any of that!

i got all huffy the first couple of times men helped me when i moved down here because i thought they were hitting on me!!! isn't that funny? i just wasn't used to it.

you be careful girl!

Peggy said...

I think you are right Amanda. It started bothering me more once I had children too. I can't believe you are pregnant with a broken knee cap and a one year old! I think I should come help you!!

The Shulls said...

I didn't realize until now that most of the help I get when I am running some errands are mostly females. Though I have to say that has improved a whole lot since I am running around with the two little ones. I guess they see me and think I am crazy for having these two so close together!

Great to hear from you!