Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hannah Home hits the jackpot!

This is what happens when you are 9 months pregnant, nesting, and married to a neat freak organizer. Since we had to get rid of some stuff in our guest room to make room for the nursery, and b/c in a year or so we are planning on starting the "grown-up" house hunt, we decided to do a little purging/spring cleaning. So we went through EVERY (and I mean every) cabinet, closet, and drawer in every room of our house. And we gave away or threw away so much stuff. And our "nursery" still looks like a wreck, so there is still more to come. But as of now, pictured above is how much stuff we gave away to Hannah Home, and we've had 10 garbage bags and one large cardboard box full of trash as well. That doesn't count the four huge bins of books we are storing in the attic either. We are "getting skinny" as RR says. And I must say, it feels good!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Thought y'all might want to see Baby G's nursery. (Sigh.)

Quick update

With 4 1/2 weeks to go, I'm 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced. And no, we're not ready (in the logistical sense) if you were planning on asking! Eeek!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A fun weekend for the whole fam!

This weekend the Bean and I went to the 'coe (my hometown) for a shower for Baby G. It was given by some good friends of our family. We had a great time and got lots of good, needed stuff for Baby G. Some of the gifts I was most excited about: a swaddler (the kind that velcros!), some adorable appliqued burp cloths, a shadow-embroidered bubble, and of course...some diapers!!

The highlight of the Bean's weekend was getting a new tricycle from Mimi and Grandpa! She loved it, and even learned to use the pedals a little bit.

As for RR's weekend plans, on Thursday the crazy guy decided to take a road trip to San Antonio, TX w/ my brother and another friend of his for the Spurs vs. Suns NBA playoff game. They drove about 12 hours there and 12 hours back, just to go to this game. And they had a blast! The game went into double overtime and the Spurs won. The Spurs are RR's favorite NBA team. He loves Tim Duncan.

The hostesses and I

The Bean showing us where Baby G is...this is my mom in the picture w/ me for those of you who don't know her...

The Bean trying out her new tricycle!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bean's translation dictionary

The Bean is talking up a storm now, and I thought some of you might want to know what words she is using. And if you are around her, this will be helpful in translating her budding language. :)

Words You'd Recognize
Mimi (what we call my mom)
Bow-bow (hairbow)
Ian (our neighbor)
Moo (as in "what does a cow say?")
Hot dog
Cheese (although it can sound an awful lot like keys & vice versa)
Bye-bye (w/ a strong southern accent, unfortunately)
Hmmm (in a very pondering sort of way with the head tilted to one side)
Bok-bok (sound a chicken makes)
Oof-oof (sound a dog makes)
Baa (sound a sheep makes)
Tea (she has a tea set that she calls tea)

Words You'd Probably Not Recognize
Nak (snack)
Mish (milk)
Boosh or bush (book)
Shi-shoes (shoes)
Launch (lunch)
Googie (cookie)
Mu-mu (either movie or music...both sound the same)
Dak-dak (the sound a duck makes)
Peas (please)
Bumpaw (Grandpaw - what we call my dad)
Dew (Uncle Drew)
Emon (lemon)
S (yes)
Dacker (cracker)

So here are some identifiable sentences that the Bean often uses based off of the above list:

"Mish, peas!"
"Dada bye-bye?"
"Ian ball." (As in, Ian is playing with a ball.")
"Shi-shoes. Bye." (As in, let's get on our shoes and go bye-bye.)
"Up, peas!" (As in, pick me up.)
"No, JUICE!" (As in, don't give me any stinkin' water or milk...I want juice!)

That is a little glimpse into the Bean's ever-growing vocabulary. Now you should be able to understand every word she says!! (Yeah, right!!)

Another free giveaway!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A trip to the zoo!!

Today our friends Erin and Ian took the Bean and I on a trip to the zoo! (This was their b'day gift to the Bean, and we are just now scheduling it.) Erin and Ian (and Doug, Erin's husband) are our neighbors, and we hang out w/ them all the time. Ian is the Bean's best friend. As a side note, Erin is also expecting their second child in July, another little boy! So very soon, the Bean will be outnumbered by all the boys! This was the Bean's first trip to the zoo, and she loved it! We saw sea lions, giraffes, lots of birds, monkeys, ostrichs, and much more. And we went to the petting zoo where she got to pet some sheep and goats. We also took a ride on the carousel, and the Bean liked that the best of all, I think. She laughed and grinned the whole time, then cried when we got off b/c she wanted to ride again. Thanks Erin and Ian for a fun time!

Here we are posing in front of the sea lions.

Petting the goats.

The Bean and Ian trying to pet the tiny goats. The goats were way more interesting than the camera, so there was no getting them to look my way. :)

Is it a lion, or the Bean?

The Bean lovin' the carousel! She loved the "mu-mu" (music).

Friday, April 4, 2008

Free giveaway!

My friend Becky posted this free giveaway on a blog she reads, Mommin' It Up. They are giving away a $30 gift certificate to a super cute online shop, Carabella's. All you have to do is mosey over to Carabella's and pick out your favorite item, then post a comment on Mommin' It Up. They have some cute stuff...check it out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quick update on the knee & pregnancy

I thought some of you may be wondering how my broken knee cap is healing since I haven't posted any updates on it. I has been a little over 8 weeks now since I broke it, and just last week the doc told me to take the brace off and start really trying to bend it and walk normally. And it seems to be doing just fine! I was nervous about walking sans brace w/ the Bean underfoot, but after the first day or so my leg started feeling stronger. I am still limping, and the knee is still sore and stiff, but I am making definite progress. The doc thinks I'll more or less have full mobility back by the end of this month. And the OB doesn't think my knee will interfere w/ trying to have a VBAC (vaginal delivery after caesarean).

Speaking of, I've got 8 weeks left in my pregnancy! It has FLOWN by! Soon we will be working on getting the new nursery put together. Crazy how time flies. I am feeling good, just a little tired and swollen like every other preggo w/ 8 weeks left. And I'm trying to enjoy every minute w/ just the little Bean to play w/ and take care of. :) (She thinks Baby G is in her tummy most of the time, by the way.) She is so sweet and is growing up so much...not a little baby anymore. :(

Have a great day!!