Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quick update on the knee & pregnancy

I thought some of you may be wondering how my broken knee cap is healing since I haven't posted any updates on it. I has been a little over 8 weeks now since I broke it, and just last week the doc told me to take the brace off and start really trying to bend it and walk normally. And it seems to be doing just fine! I was nervous about walking sans brace w/ the Bean underfoot, but after the first day or so my leg started feeling stronger. I am still limping, and the knee is still sore and stiff, but I am making definite progress. The doc thinks I'll more or less have full mobility back by the end of this month. And the OB doesn't think my knee will interfere w/ trying to have a VBAC (vaginal delivery after caesarean).

Speaking of, I've got 8 weeks left in my pregnancy! It has FLOWN by! Soon we will be working on getting the new nursery put together. Crazy how time flies. I am feeling good, just a little tired and swollen like every other preggo w/ 8 weeks left. And I'm trying to enjoy every minute w/ just the little Bean to play w/ and take care of. :) (She thinks Baby G is in her tummy most of the time, by the way.) She is so sweet and is growing up so much...not a little baby anymore. :(

Have a great day!!


The Shulls said...

Hey Amanda!

Glad to hear your knee cap is doing better. I had a surgery in 2005 to my knee. In my case the knee cap was moved from its place which was no pleasant! But after a 6 weeks recovery was working really good! If by any chance it gets swollen again or hurts just put some ice that will help you!

Baby Skinner is almost here!!! It's amazing how the time goes by... unbelievable!

Hope everything keep going well and glad to hear about your family! We should get together some time!


Holly said...

Of course, your kneecap healed so well because you walked all over Berlin and Prague only a week after you hurt it! I'm still impressed.
Glad to hear you're doing better and can't wait to meet the little guy!