Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby update and an announcement

So as of today, I am 18 days away from my due date. Bubs arrived 11 days early, so you never know! We are all looking forward to Sissy's arrival. (I have been mulling over code names for Baby A in the 4 (YES, 4) hours I've been blogging today...and I think I'm going with Sissy.) RR and I can't wait to see how the kids act around her. I think they'll love her to pieces. Bubs loves babies, and the Bean is already a little mama anyway. They have loved looking at all the baby toys, baby gear, infant car seat, etc. I had almost forgotten how much STUFF babies use! Almost all of Sissy's clothes are washed and put seat is installed...Bubs is in his big boy room...and Sissy's room is almost ready. I've even packed her diaper bag!

And here's the announcement...we are getting rid of the internet at our house. I was the only one who used it, and I only used it to blog, print the occasional random thing, and download applique files. All of these things are done pretty sporadically, as you can tell from my blogging. Everything else internet-related is done on my phone. So there's no real need to pay for the internet at our house. (We're getting rid of our home phone too, since pretty much only telemarketers call us.) I will TRY (try being the operative word here) to update my blog once every couple of months or so via RR's office. But I make no promises!! :) We'll see how life goes once Sissy arrives.

Since it had been a while since my last post, some of you actually called or emailed to check on us! I'm just excited that someone out there reads this thing! But it may be a while before you see any other updates, so don't be worried. :) More than likely, we will still be here living life and moving right along. So for now, over and out....

June and caught up!!

So far June has been a blur! I thought it would be laid back, but we've been busy! The first week was pool time and the McWane center, the second week was VBS and the zoo, the third week was art camp for the Bean and Father's Day, and this past week as been ballet camp for the Bean. Also, we've been been switching around rooms, getting the infant car seat installed, having a doc appt every week or two (me), and did I mention that I turned a cool 34 years old also?? Next week includes a sewing class for me (bishop construction - can't wait!! this baby had better wait! famous last words, right?) and haircuts for the kids. I was trying to pack a summer of fun in one month since we'll be staying in more once the baby arrives.

Playing at McWane with our friend Jackson
Bubs the artist

Doing the zipline at McWane...a big hit!

"Digging" for "dinosaur fossils"...Bubs was a big fan as he is really into dinosaurs right now.

Mrs. Bradford (the wife of an elder from our SS class) is sweet to invite us young moms and all our kiddos over to their pool and provide lunch a few times each summer. Everybody has a ball! Eating Mrs. Bradford's delicious chocolate dipped cookies...better than Full Moon's!

Eating lunch...the Bean wanted a grown-up lady chicken salad sandwich, not PB&J!

The kids loved the pool noodles...this was their first time to use them!

Zoo time with our cousins! Mimi treated us all - thanks Mimi! It was almost 100 degrees that day, and we were there from 9 am - 4 pm. Did I mention that I was a month away from delivery at this point? But I hung in there.

The petting zoo

Bubs kept saying, "Come here, rooster!!"

We decided this guy needed a visit from the dentist.

Riding the train at the zoo is always a treat! Thanks Mimi!

We even fed the giraffe! All four cousins did it!

Wiping giraffe slobber off her hand...there was a zoo employee at the ready with antibacterial gel after that, don't you worry!

Evan and Bubs are becoming big buds and like to play together almost as much as Evan and the Bean!

Mimi also treated the kids to slushies at the end of the day...a perfect end to a fun day!

Father's Day gifts...crafts from the kids, a peanut butter pie made by the Bean and I (which she didn't like, but Bubs was a big fan), and gifts from the kids. They each picked out a gift for Daddy. Bubs gave Daddy a chocolate bar (which Bubs ate most of), and the Bean gave him an iTunes gift card.

A birthday dinner out to Surin 280 with friends...RR and Green Eggs in the 'Ham

planned it, and RR got me a strawberry cake from Ashley Mac's. You MUST try this cake! Fun times!

The Bean on the first day of ballet camp. I was a terrible (forgetful) Mommy and did not bring my camera to the final day's performance. But she had SO much fun at ballet camp! It was her favorite activity so far this summer, and her class did a wonderful routine for all the parents.

May Part 2 - visit to Mimi and Grandpaw's and attack of the lizard

May Part 2 includes a trip to Mimi and Grandpaw's. We went to Noccalula Falls, where we petted/saw some animals, rode the train, played on the playground, and had ice cream. Also during May a small lizard infiltrated our house. We do live by the woods, you know. RR was at work, so brave, pregnant Mommy captured said lizard and released it outside. With two brave onlookers, of course. He was a fast little guy.

Releasing the creature into the wild...
My two brave helpers. They were wearing "superhero capes" (i.e. blankets), and Bub's had a "sword" (i.e. spank spoon).

The beastly critter

Playing at Noccalula Falls

Ice cream after a hard day of playing at the Falls

Riding' the train

The lion...I've never seen this cat do anything but sleep. I guess I like it that way. :)

Petting the wabbits...

Note the deer on the ground...

May Part 1 - end of school, Mother's Day, and Bub's party

May included end of school, Bub's 3rd b'day party at the Fire Station, Community Helper day at Bean's school, Mother's Day, and a trip to Mimi and Grandpaw's. Here are the first four!

We had Bub's 3rd b'day party at a fire station near our house. It was perfect because there was a playground adjacent to the fire station. We did a tour of the fire station (...during which the firefighters were called out!! We got to see the firefighters jumping in the truck with no shoes and sirens/lights going as the truck pulled away!! Pretty cool.) Then we had cake and ice cream and played at the park. Everyone had a great time!

Each of the kids had an end of the year class party. Bubs had a water day theme, so they wore their bathing suits. He had a blast! The Bean's class did ice cream sundaes, and the party mom went all out! I can't believe the school year is already over! I'll have one in K5, and one in 3 year old MDO, and a BABY next year! I am getting old. :)

Listening intently to the firefighter...

Playing in the firetruck

A future firefighter?? Lately Bubs says he either wants to be a firefighter or a doctor. :)

The whole fam...I think I'm 8 months pregnant in this pic...

They were pulling off about 30 seconds after the alarm kidding!

Bubs and sweet cousin Sarah Grace

Here I am telling Bubs to "blow out your windows"...that's right, I said windows. My brain has not been functioning at full capacity since I've been pregnant!

Blowing out his "windows"...I mean, candles!

Cookie cake double doozies from Sam's Club...delish! Btw, that was Daddy's choice, not Bubs. :) I think Bubs would have chosen a Spiderman cake.

The guests

The park

Come on, I HAD to include this one!! If this is not a Kodak moment, what is?!?

Party favors included a fireman's hat and a cup full of candy and fire truck related stuff...

A couple of Bubs favorite gifts...a Spiderman cap, camo rain boots, and a gun. He has worn those boots and cap almost every day since.

We also celebrated Mother's Day with my mom (Mimi) on the same day Grant's birthday. We had a girlie lunch...chicken salad on croissants, fruit with marshmallow dip, and chocolate chip or lemon blueberry bread. And lots of leftover cookie cake.

Community helper day at school...Bean was a nurse.

Bub's last day of of school - water day!

Bean's end of the year school party - ice cream sundaes!

The spread

No party is complete without a pinata, right?? Doesn't every ice cream sundae party need candy chasers??

The Bean and Lynley, her K4 BFF

Sweet Mrs. Thompson! The Bean loved every minute of being in her class!