Friday, June 24, 2011

June and caught up!!

So far June has been a blur! I thought it would be laid back, but we've been busy! The first week was pool time and the McWane center, the second week was VBS and the zoo, the third week was art camp for the Bean and Father's Day, and this past week as been ballet camp for the Bean. Also, we've been been switching around rooms, getting the infant car seat installed, having a doc appt every week or two (me), and did I mention that I turned a cool 34 years old also?? Next week includes a sewing class for me (bishop construction - can't wait!! this baby had better wait! famous last words, right?) and haircuts for the kids. I was trying to pack a summer of fun in one month since we'll be staying in more once the baby arrives.

Playing at McWane with our friend Jackson
Bubs the artist

Doing the zipline at McWane...a big hit!

"Digging" for "dinosaur fossils"...Bubs was a big fan as he is really into dinosaurs right now.

Mrs. Bradford (the wife of an elder from our SS class) is sweet to invite us young moms and all our kiddos over to their pool and provide lunch a few times each summer. Everybody has a ball! Eating Mrs. Bradford's delicious chocolate dipped cookies...better than Full Moon's!

Eating lunch...the Bean wanted a grown-up lady chicken salad sandwich, not PB&J!

The kids loved the pool noodles...this was their first time to use them!

Zoo time with our cousins! Mimi treated us all - thanks Mimi! It was almost 100 degrees that day, and we were there from 9 am - 4 pm. Did I mention that I was a month away from delivery at this point? But I hung in there.

The petting zoo

Bubs kept saying, "Come here, rooster!!"

We decided this guy needed a visit from the dentist.

Riding the train at the zoo is always a treat! Thanks Mimi!

We even fed the giraffe! All four cousins did it!

Wiping giraffe slobber off her hand...there was a zoo employee at the ready with antibacterial gel after that, don't you worry!

Evan and Bubs are becoming big buds and like to play together almost as much as Evan and the Bean!

Mimi also treated the kids to slushies at the end of the day...a perfect end to a fun day!

Father's Day gifts...crafts from the kids, a peanut butter pie made by the Bean and I (which she didn't like, but Bubs was a big fan), and gifts from the kids. They each picked out a gift for Daddy. Bubs gave Daddy a chocolate bar (which Bubs ate most of), and the Bean gave him an iTunes gift card.

A birthday dinner out to Surin 280 with friends...RR and Green Eggs in the 'Ham

planned it, and RR got me a strawberry cake from Ashley Mac's. You MUST try this cake! Fun times!

The Bean on the first day of ballet camp. I was a terrible (forgetful) Mommy and did not bring my camera to the final day's performance. But she had SO much fun at ballet camp! It was her favorite activity so far this summer, and her class did a wonderful routine for all the parents.

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