Friday, June 24, 2011

May Part 1 - end of school, Mother's Day, and Bub's party

May included end of school, Bub's 3rd b'day party at the Fire Station, Community Helper day at Bean's school, Mother's Day, and a trip to Mimi and Grandpaw's. Here are the first four!

We had Bub's 3rd b'day party at a fire station near our house. It was perfect because there was a playground adjacent to the fire station. We did a tour of the fire station (...during which the firefighters were called out!! We got to see the firefighters jumping in the truck with no shoes and sirens/lights going as the truck pulled away!! Pretty cool.) Then we had cake and ice cream and played at the park. Everyone had a great time!

Each of the kids had an end of the year class party. Bubs had a water day theme, so they wore their bathing suits. He had a blast! The Bean's class did ice cream sundaes, and the party mom went all out! I can't believe the school year is already over! I'll have one in K5, and one in 3 year old MDO, and a BABY next year! I am getting old. :)

Listening intently to the firefighter...

Playing in the firetruck

A future firefighter?? Lately Bubs says he either wants to be a firefighter or a doctor. :)

The whole fam...I think I'm 8 months pregnant in this pic...

They were pulling off about 30 seconds after the alarm kidding!

Bubs and sweet cousin Sarah Grace

Here I am telling Bubs to "blow out your windows"...that's right, I said windows. My brain has not been functioning at full capacity since I've been pregnant!

Blowing out his "windows"...I mean, candles!

Cookie cake double doozies from Sam's Club...delish! Btw, that was Daddy's choice, not Bubs. :) I think Bubs would have chosen a Spiderman cake.

The guests

The park

Come on, I HAD to include this one!! If this is not a Kodak moment, what is?!?

Party favors included a fireman's hat and a cup full of candy and fire truck related stuff...

A couple of Bubs favorite gifts...a Spiderman cap, camo rain boots, and a gun. He has worn those boots and cap almost every day since.

We also celebrated Mother's Day with my mom (Mimi) on the same day Grant's birthday. We had a girlie lunch...chicken salad on croissants, fruit with marshmallow dip, and chocolate chip or lemon blueberry bread. And lots of leftover cookie cake.

Community helper day at school...Bean was a nurse.

Bub's last day of of school - water day!

Bean's end of the year school party - ice cream sundaes!

The spread

No party is complete without a pinata, right?? Doesn't every ice cream sundae party need candy chasers??

The Bean and Lynley, her K4 BFF

Sweet Mrs. Thompson! The Bean loved every minute of being in her class!

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