Friday, June 24, 2011

May Part 2 - visit to Mimi and Grandpaw's and attack of the lizard

May Part 2 includes a trip to Mimi and Grandpaw's. We went to Noccalula Falls, where we petted/saw some animals, rode the train, played on the playground, and had ice cream. Also during May a small lizard infiltrated our house. We do live by the woods, you know. RR was at work, so brave, pregnant Mommy captured said lizard and released it outside. With two brave onlookers, of course. He was a fast little guy.

Releasing the creature into the wild...
My two brave helpers. They were wearing "superhero capes" (i.e. blankets), and Bub's had a "sword" (i.e. spank spoon).

The beastly critter

Playing at Noccalula Falls

Ice cream after a hard day of playing at the Falls

Riding' the train

The lion...I've never seen this cat do anything but sleep. I guess I like it that way. :)

Petting the wabbits...

Note the deer on the ground...

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