Friday, June 24, 2011


March was all about preparing for and taking a trip to visit RR's family near Seattle, WA. The kiddos were really pumped about the plane ride. They actually did very well too! A little squirmy-ness at times, but for a 4 and 2 year old, they did great. We had such a wonderful time visiting with family. The Bean REALLY loved her cousin Ella (age 5). RR's nephews Nathaniel (age 13) and T.J. (age 9) were very sweet to Bubs and the Bean. Bubs would have moved in at their house...there were 3 dogs and 2 cats (I think that's right...), plus all the kids. Never a dull moment. :) The first thing Bubs wanted to do each morning was pet the doggies. It rained each day (typical Seattle weather), but that gave us lots of time to catch up and visit. Plus RR's sister had a hot tub, which was a hit. Cousin Ella was very sweet to let the Bean borrow her clothes while we were there. I'm pretty sure that all of the Bean's clothes (except what we wore on the plane) were clean when we got back. The Bean cried and cried when we left. We should have gotten a family shot, but these pics are mostly of the kids. To all of RR's family, we love and miss y'all!! We had a great time!

Here are some pics from our trip!

The hot was like the Mini-Bachelor in here or something. Just funny to see preschoolers in a hot tub. I couldn't get in since I was pregnant. :(

The Bean wearing Ella's tw0-piece bathing suit...I'm tellin' ya, she loved Ella's clothes!

Grandma PJ crocheting...she crocheted a Rapunzel blanket for the Bean and mailed it to us after the trip. The Bean had gotten to pick out the fabric, and that blanket was highly anticipated. You'd have thought it was Christmas morning at our house when the package arrived!

Sweet Ella gave these Tinkerbell jammies to the Bean. Let's just say she was excited. :)


T.J. and Bubs

See the Bean's cool get-up? No wonder she didn't want to wear any of her own clothes! Pink cowgirl boots and a sequined cowgirl hat??? What more could a girl want!

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