Friday, June 24, 2011


Events from April included a scrapbook retreat for me, and a farm field trip for the Bean. I have pics from neither, so onto April's main event - Easter! These pics are all out of order, but we celebrated Easter w/ my family the weekend before Easter with a yummy dinner and traditional egg hunt for the kids. The kids and I did Resurrection Rolls and the Resurrection Eggs during the week before Easter. We had lunch on Easter Sunday with some good friends from our Sunday School class.

How's that for a quick Easter wrap-up??

Sweet friends at our Easter lunch...
We enjoyed probably the best carrot cake I've ever had at our Easter lunch, courtesy of Green Eggs in the 'Ham.

The kids table at our Easter lunch

I forgot my camera Easter morning (who does that???), so here are our two lone family pics. :)

I think I was 7 months pregnant in this pic??

We did Easter baskets the night before to cut down on the Easter Sunday morning madness...

The biggest hit in the Easter baskets were probably the princess socks for the Bean, and Cars socks for Bubs.

Resurrection Rolls...tasty!

My sweet sticky-fingered helpers. One marshmallow for the helpers, one for the rolls...

Fun at Mimi and Grandpaw's nearby park while we were there celebrating Easter. Puddles and times for a boy!

The daredevils riding down the ramp at the park...

Bubs actually has a big boy bike now...he was way too tall for the tricycle!

Examining the loot...candy and cold-hard cash! (Coins, but that's big time for a piggy bank, of course.)


Pretending to be shepherds...a little more Christmas than Easter, but it's all Biblical!

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