Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bub's Bloody Nose

This was right after Bubs woke up from his afternoon nap, and his nose had bled a little bit right after he stood up. So don't worry, I didn't take this pic right after "the incident."

Well, it was bound to happen sometime! As mischievous and busy as Bubs is, it was just a matter of time b/f he got a "real" boo-boo. He bloodied his nose (and bit his tongue pretty good too) yesterday at the park. We had gone to the park w/ friends and were about to leave. The Bean needed to tee-tee, so we headed off to the bathroom. Bubs was in the stroller, so I just left him in the stroller in the bathroom (but not in the wasn't big enough) while I took the Bean into the stall to go to the bathroom. We were about to walk out of the stall when I heard a thud following by crying. Bubs had crawled out of his stroller, or maybe stood up in his stroller and fell out (don't know which since I didn't see the incident), and fallen face-first onto the concrete floor. Of course I immediately picked him up, but I didn't see the blood until a few seconds later. His nose bled for about 5 minutes maybe, and his tongue bled too where he bit it. About 30 minutes later, he was smiling and back to his usual self. His nose continued to bleed a little here and there throughout the evening, but nothing too alarming. Other than losing a little blood, he is none worse for the wear after his little accident. Poor little guy! I felt so bad for him! I think I need to start putting him in a straight jacket or something!