Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visions of Sugarplums...

Here's what a professional gingerbread house looks like...this was by my neighbor's mom...note the trees, doorknob and sidewalk.

What the Bean's house looks like...

She did eat one sucker...and a little glue, so it appears...

The whole party...

Hard at work...

It seems like the Bean's greeting to most people since Halloween is "Where's my candy?", or "I want a sucker." Needless to say, the girl likes her candy. So this event was big fun for her. Our neighbors invited us to make gingerbread houses (or graham cracker houses, in this case), and we had a ball. I told the Bean we were using glue that would make her sick and that the candy was old (which it was, and the "glue" did have raw egg in it!), and she did very good about not eating it. And she really focused on her house...she was very intent on putting the "glue" on each piece and putting it on the house. There's not much of a theme here, and I should mention that the sidewalk and shingles were my idea. I did help a little. :) But she had a blast!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 months

Baby G is 7 months old today! It's hard to believe! He FINALLY cut his tooth on the bottom front. I can't wait to try puffs and the teething biscuits...I think he'll like those and it'll keep him occupied during dinner! He's doing two "meals" a day now with solid foods. He seems to like them all so far except for green beans. I have to mix a little applesauce in there to get him to eat those. He's sort of sitting up on his own...he'll sit really well for a few minutes with the boppy around him, but sans boppy it's only for a few seconds before he grabs his toes and tips over like a weeble-wobble. And he's had a runny nose almost constantly for the past 3 weeks! The Bean loves him and even tried on his 6-9 month jogging suit the other day. He's growing like a week and is in mostly 9 month or 6-12 month clothes. Here are some pics...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's in the covenant!

The Bean and my nephew Evan.

The best family pic we could get! We had to bribe the Bean w/ "lemons", as she calls them, or M&M's to the rest of us, to get her to take some pics!

Baby G is in the covenant! :) We had him baptized this past Sunday. And for those of you who know what a frenzy I was in trying to finish their outfits, I did get them done on time...and with a couple of days to spare! If you were there, RR came up w/ Baby G's blessing, and I thought he did an incredible job. I don't have a copy handy, or I would print it here. Here are just a couple of pics!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

I made turkey shirts for Baby G and the Bean, although I think they sort of look like peacocks after looking at them for a while. Maybe next year I'll leave out the blue and green!

Roll Tide!


The Bean loved her hat and "special boots."

We had 3 "big events" on Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving, of course, and then the Iron Bowl (of course), and decorating the Christmas tree. (Ok, so we decorated the Christmas tree on Monday, but I wanted to put all this in one post.) I only got 2 pics from Thanksgiving day b/c I am quite negligent when it comes to taking photos, but in my defense the Bean left early to go home w/ Mimi and Grandpa, and Baby G took a 3 1/2 hour afternoon nap. Thanksgiving day we went to my uncle's house in Pell City, and the Bean had a big time. There were lots of toys there to play with, and lots of desserts and "jello" (i.e. cranberry sauce) to be eaten. Then the Bean went home w/ Mimi and Grandpa, and RR and I had a very relaxing couple of nights w/ just Baby G at our house. We went to pick the Bean up and watch the Iron Bowl at my parent's house on Saturday. We were all in our Tide regalia. Then Monday night we decorated the tree after Baby G was in bed. We had brownies and hot chocolate. This was the Bean's 1st time to have hot chocolate, and she loved it! We danced to Christmas music and hung ornaments and had a grand ole' time. Enjoy the pics!