Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of School

I can't believe the Bean is in K4 this year! She barely makes the cut-off , so she was actually 3 when she started! She is just going two days a week, so it's been a great way to transition her (uhh, or me) from Mother's Day Out to going every day next year. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Thompson, and it would be an understatement to say that the Bean loves school. They have music and PE each day (what??? for K4??? isn't that wild?), and library time too. They memorize Bible verses each week and get to pick something from the Treasure Box at the end of the month if they know their verses. They go to the playground and do crafts each day as well. She also got a sassy new haircut for school. :) Like Snow White again. I think she'd live with Mrs. Thompson if she could, but I am glad she likes school. Bubs is sad when we drop her off, and says "Play Bean (insert real name, of course), Play Bean" over and over. Can't believe I have a kid officially in elementary school!

Summer Part 2

I spruced up our entryway with a few thrift store finds and bargains.

We had a friend's b'day party/playdate for the Bean, princess-style, of course.

We played games.

We decorated crowns and cupcakes (not at the same time...glue and icing don't mix).

The crew

The Bean changed clothes several times. Here she is as Belle.

Here she is with her friend from "From the Shore to the City."

As Belle again with a friend from Green Eggs in the 'Ham.

More friends...Snow White this time.

She started off as Cinderella.

We had a family birthday party for the Bean & Grandpaw (both August b'days) at Mimi's house. Mimi graciously provided cute cupcake toppers, princess plates and napkins, baked the cupcakes, and made chocolate castle-shaped suckers. Do you think the Bean was in heaven?

The Bean helped ice some of the cupcakes and picked out the icing colors.

We went to my niece's baptism.

We've only lived here over a year, but I finally got around to decorating the bookshelves in our kitchen w/ some help (ok, a lot of help) from my friend. Most of the stuff came from thrift stores or the Hob Lob. :)

Where do I begin??? (Summer Part 1)

Made some roman shades for my Mom's guest room...

"Re-did" my powder room mirror with a little Rub-n-Buff...

After: oil-rubbed bronze

Before: pewter

The Bean had a rite-of-passage and cut a chunk out of her hair one day.

The Bean learned to go underwater and hold her breath. She loves it! She is on her way to learning how to swim!

We went to the beach in July and had a great time. However, we did wreck our new-to-us minivan of only 2 months while on vacation. About 6-ish weeks later, we got a new minivan. (We did have a rental for about 4 of those weeks.) Craziness!