Wednesday, April 22, 2009

11 months

Bubs is 11 months...I can't believe he's almost a year old! He's not walking yet, but he is cruising everywhere and standing up on his own. He says "da-da" a lot, but I think he's just babbling...he doesn't know it's RR's "title." He's eating a lot more table foods and is turning into a bit of a picky eater. He loves crackers and yogurt, and beyond that, I never know if he'll eat what I give him or not. All the nursery workers at church tell me he's super busy and wears them out! That says a lot coming from a nursery worker who keeps babies all the time! We love you, Bubs!

Easter '09

The kids cooperated fairly well to take this pic! Just couldn't get Bubs to smile.

We had a great time for Easter! My family came over on Easter Sunday for dinner, & we had a ball just hanging out w/ them. We sort of did the resurrection eggs w/ the Bean this year, although her attention span wouldn't last for the whole devotion. Mostly she'd just play w/ the eggs while I told her what the things inside the eggs meant and we tried to keep Bubs from eating the things that went inside the eggs. Again, that kid will eat anything except the food I feed him. :) My family stayed the night, and we all went to the zoo the next day and had a great time! Hope you all in Bloggyland had a happy Easter too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sewing project

Ummm, her hair's a mess b/c we hadn't brushed it yet...oops.

I made my first pillowcase dress recently. And I think I'm hooked. I literally completed it (start to finish) during the Bean's naptime. Well, ok, I didn't quite finish the hem, but I did a "fancy" hem that took a little longer than a normal one. I had some extra fabric lying around from some pants I'd made for the Bean, so I figured I wouldn't have anything to lose if I messed it up. (I didn't have a pattern.) I think it turned out pretty cute! I thought about doing a play-by-play on how to make the pillowcase dress. If any of you are interested, I might do it later. All the how-to's I found on the Internet weren't that helpful. My friend April was the most helpful! She is the sewing queen! (And btw, I wanna see those heirloom dresses and other Spring projects on your blog, girl!! Well, if you can quit sewing long enough to blog anyway. You are my sewing hero.)
Random piece of info: if you use double-backed satin ribbon for projects (bows, sewing, etc), you might want to go to Hobby Lobby and stock up. They are about to stop selling it by the yard and only sell it by the spool.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He keeps me on my toes...

He's missing a sock, I know. I think he took it off during naptime.

Bubs is giving me a run for my money. He keeps me on my toes. This is how I turned around and saw him the other day...he'd stepped up on his car to better play w/ the Bean's kitchen. And the kid can't even walk yet! What will I do when he starts walking?!? He's already tried to climb into the bathtub, and almost bonked his head in the process. And of course, he'll try to climb up the stairs the SECOND I remove the baby gate. We've already caught him halfway up the stairs once when the Bean got the baby gate open. No more "pulling it to." Gotta lock it down. And maybe the worst thing is that he'll eat anything and everything. I know all babies stick stuff in their mouths, but the Bean never did that as much. Or maybe I'm busier and don't watch Bubs as well as I did the Bean. (Many of these events occur when I'm either in the bathroom or taking the Bean to the bathroom. I think Bubs knows he's got carte blache for a few minutes.) At any rate, I have found toilet paper, bits of plastic bag, and various sorts of paper in Bub's mouth so far. Today he ripped a shred of "paper" off his box of diapers and started to stick it in his mouth. Creative! And he has tore off pieces of bottle nipples with his 4 little teeth and tried to eat those as well. I know it may seem like I never watch the kid, but I promise you, he is sneaky and FAST! I think it's a boy thing!