Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Fun

The Bean loves her some party can barely see her skates in this pic. Yes, I skated, and I didn't break anything!!

The cookie decorating extravaganza

The cookie decorating attendees

Here are some photos of the Bean and I having fun this past month. Our SS class had a cookie decorating party for Valentine's at the Galleria, and all the kids had a blast! The Bean decorated her cookie, but didn't even eat it. She did, however, ask for more gummi bears. I don't think any of those made it on her cookie. We also rode the carousel afterward, which was a big hit w/ the Bean.

My brother's b'day is also in Feb., and to celebrate his wife threw him a surprise roller skating party! We left Baby G w/ our neighbors and took the Bean to Uncle Drew's party in Gadsden. She was a little scared of the roller skates at first, but then decided to give it a try. RR didn't skate, so he walked around the rink w/ the Bean holding her by the armpits so she could "skate." She loved "walking on wheels", as she called it. She also got a glow bracelet (there were black lights in the rink, so that was super fun) and had some cookie cake. She had so much fun in fact, that she did not go to sleep on the way back but chatted it up with us until we put her to bed around 10 pm. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9 months

Baby G is 9 months old (well, he turned 9 months a week or so ago...). He is crawling on his hands and knees now, and he is pulling up too. He is babbling some...saying bababa, mamama, and dadada. He is a big boy...he wears a size 12 months clothes, and he was 90% for height and 70% for weight at his 9 month check-up. The Bean loves him, and she usually wants to hold his hand when we walk down the stairs in the morning or after nap. We are starting to discipline him a little when he touches "no-no's", and judging by his reaction, he's going to be pretty stubborn! The Bean would usually start crying after I thumped her hand once or twice, but that didn't seem to deter Baby G at all, so we've already graduated to spanking his hand w/ the spoon. What am I in for?!?! He is eating lots of table foods now, and likes that much better than baby foods. And we are done w/ nursing! It is a little bittersweet, but I just glad we made it to 9 months. :) He is so sweet, and we love him so much!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tasty Easy Lunch Idea

As my husband will attest, I get REALLY tired of the turkey sandwich for lunch. Boring!! So I am always looking for a good lunch idea that's tasty, quick, healthy, and not boring. Here's my latest fave: the Bean and I have been making mini pizzas w/ mini whole wheat pitas as a "crust." Just spoon on some pizza sauce from a jar, put whatever toppings you have on hand (we like the low-fat turkey pepperoni (or macaronis, as the Bean will occasionally call them) and bell peppers and onions) and add some cheese. I even make them in our toaster oven, so it's super quick! And the Bean loves them.

Just wanted to share this for those of you out there who hate the turkey-cheese-bread-mustard sandwich just as much as me!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Random pics from the last few weeks

This was the day it was like 70 degrees outside. Baby G loved the swing!

The Bean loves her cheer shirt!

So, does this dress pinned up to look like a top look ok w/ these pants?

Oh dear. Is this what I'm in for with a boy???

Here are some random pics from the last few few weeks, but I do need your opinion on one of them. I made the Bean some pants to go w/ her Easter dress from last year so she could get one more year out of it...I need to hem the dress to make it look more like a top, but does it look ok? I thought the pants would be a little more blousy to go w/ the fuller top.

And about the TP pic of Baby G: while the Bean was trying on the aforementioned outfit, Baby G commando crawled into the bathroom and decided to make his first spitball. And yes, I took a picture b/f I took the toilet paper out of his mouth. Mom of the year!