Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tasty Easy Lunch Idea

As my husband will attest, I get REALLY tired of the turkey sandwich for lunch. Boring!! So I am always looking for a good lunch idea that's tasty, quick, healthy, and not boring. Here's my latest fave: the Bean and I have been making mini pizzas w/ mini whole wheat pitas as a "crust." Just spoon on some pizza sauce from a jar, put whatever toppings you have on hand (we like the low-fat turkey pepperoni (or macaronis, as the Bean will occasionally call them) and bell peppers and onions) and add some cheese. I even make them in our toaster oven, so it's super quick! And the Bean loves them.

Just wanted to share this for those of you out there who hate the turkey-cheese-bread-mustard sandwich just as much as me!!

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