Friday, November 19, 2010

October goings-on

Wow - I am so far behind in posting stuff. I've gotten a new smart phone so I can check email and get on the internet on my phone,which makes getting on my dinosaur of a computer very unappealing!'s what we had going on in October!
For Halloween, we were staying at my parent's house for the weekend, so we went trick-or-treating in my brother's neighborhood. I think every kid in the town was there! The streets were packed! They even had a flatbed truck driving kids around to trick-or-treat. The kids had a blast trick-or-treating with their cousins, and brought in quite a haul!
Lexie and Marianna were "dressing up" by wearing funny hats, so they made me wear the Fedora. Marianna thinks I was pulling it off and should incorporate it into my regular wardrobe.
This is Fireman Bubs and his friend Cy. For those of my high school friends who read this blog, this is Lexie Y's son. He's 6 months older than Bubs. Cy was a spider, and his grandma Brenda made this was pretty cute and original!

The Bean, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty, and Evan as Spiderman.

My sister-in-law Marianna, and their daughter Sarah Grace, who was the cutest little flower ever!

Bubs was excited about being a fireman. I was excited that we borrowed his entire outfit from Evan and had to buy nothing!

The chicas

Bubs caught on to trick-or-treating really quickly and was all about it.

Bubs never complained about walking even though we were out for an hour and a half...Princess Bean's heels starting hurting halfway through (I'd thought ahead and brought her Crocs.), so she and Spiderman Evan took turns riding in the stroller while Bubs walked and Sarah Grace walked or was held.

The Bean's K4 class went to the pumpkin patch on a field trip. To say she had a good time would be an understatement. It was a very fun pumpkin patch complete with scenic hike, cookie break to refuel in the middle of said hike, hayride, hotdog lunch, petting zoo, tee-pee storytime, and more. And we got a free pumpkin...very fun!

The Bean's first time to ride a bus...

The Bean's BFF Lynley...

Mrs. Thompson's "F.R.O.G.'s" - that's their class theme...Fully Rely On God

On the hayride

Eating a hotdog that was roasted on the campfire...we roasted marshmallows too!

The Bean's crew - Grey and Lynley, her BFF's. She talks about them all the time!