Monday, August 24, 2009


You know how medicine bottles are supposed to have "child-proof" caps? Well apparently they didn't give much thought to the rest of the bottle. Bubs was in the Bean's room tonight while I was getting them ready for bed. He was rummaging around and found a Motrin bottle in the Bean's bathroom drawer. I saw him walking around with it, and I didn't really think much about it b/c I didn't think he could open it. The Bean warned me that this was not a good idea (Mama!! Bubs has my medicine bottle!! Get it!), but I didn't heed her warning (It's okay, Sugar. Bubs can't get it open.). A couple of minutes later I heard the Bean say, "Mama! Bubs bottle is leaking!" Sure enough, it was leaking. I thought, how in the world did he get that cap off?? Well, he didn't. He BIT THROUGH the bottom of the bottle, and it was leaking out the bottom. What in the world!?!? Who has ever heard of such a thing? So I learned my lessons: 1) Don't let your children walk around w/ medicine of any sort, and 2) Listen to your kids. Sometimes they are right!

Side note: Bubs didn't drink any of the medicine, if you are wondering, and it didn't leak too badly. The Bean caught it pretty early, and most of it went on her bathroom floor which was easy to wipe up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He's been shorn

Regular curls (if there is such a thing)
The after-nap 'fro

The shorn sheep look

Look - no curls!!! His head looks empty!

Today I took Bubs and the Bean to get haircuts. This was Bubs first haircut, and only the Bean's second cut. The Bean, as I would have expected, did great and was excited about her glitter star, sucker, and glitter/yummy-smelling hairspray. Bubs did ok, but (as I also would have expected) he was very squirmy after the first couple of minutes and just wanted to get down and run around. The Bean got a pretty basic trim, and I told the stylist just to take a little off Bubs above the ears and at his neck, but she kind of went overboard, and he looks a little shorn, to me. Here are some before and after pics of Bubs. I told her not to cut off all his curls, and she just about did! You can't see any curls in the back at all! Oh well, I guess they'll grow back. I don't think his curly hair is just baby curls. I think it's curly for life. We shall see. This was also Bubs first experience w/ a sucker, and he was quite a fan. He finished the whole sucker in about 10 minutes on the ride home, and the Bean still hadn't finished hers after about an hour. :)

Self-feeding...or scavenging

Bubs has not shown any interest so far in feeding himself. He mostly eats finger foods, but when I do feed him yogurt, oatmeal, applesauce, etc., I always feed him. He's never tried to grab the spoon or anything. (Unlike the Bean, who graduated to finger foods earlier than normal b/c of her independence and was trying to feed herself w/ the spoon at 12-14 months.) I wouldn't have thought Bubs would have much "skill" in feeding himself, but boy was I wrong! He grabbed the Bean's yogurt off the table yesterday, and just went to town on it feeding himself (and doing a pretty good job!) b/f I even knew what he was doing! Very little went on the floor or on his clothes. What other skills is Bubs hiding from me?? Now if he could only change his own diaper...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation pics

My little surfer dude...check out that mop top!

Enjoying a fudge-dipped ice cream popsicle

This is probably my favorite beach shot

Mimi and Grandpa w/ their four favorite people...:)

We just got back from a wonderful week-long vacation down at St. George Island, FL. I highly recommend the place if you want a family-oriented, non-touristy vacation spot. It's mostly just beach houses, and there are a very few restaurants. Only one chain place - Subway. No Mickey D's or anything! We had our own pool, which was really nice. The Bean loved the pool and by the 3rd day or so was "swimming" by herself. Bubs warmed up to the water and loved it too! And both of them loved the ocean and beach. Bubs was happy just to walk around on the beach (and eat the sand, but oh well!). It was a very relaxing trip, and a good time w/ my family. Here are some pics!