Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He's been shorn

Regular curls (if there is such a thing)
The after-nap 'fro

The shorn sheep look

Look - no curls!!! His head looks empty!

Today I took Bubs and the Bean to get haircuts. This was Bubs first haircut, and only the Bean's second cut. The Bean, as I would have expected, did great and was excited about her glitter star, sucker, and glitter/yummy-smelling hairspray. Bubs did ok, but (as I also would have expected) he was very squirmy after the first couple of minutes and just wanted to get down and run around. The Bean got a pretty basic trim, and I told the stylist just to take a little off Bubs above the ears and at his neck, but she kind of went overboard, and he looks a little shorn, to me. Here are some before and after pics of Bubs. I told her not to cut off all his curls, and she just about did! You can't see any curls in the back at all! Oh well, I guess they'll grow back. I don't think his curly hair is just baby curls. I think it's curly for life. We shall see. This was also Bubs first experience w/ a sucker, and he was quite a fan. He finished the whole sucker in about 10 minutes on the ride home, and the Bean still hadn't finished hers after about an hour. :)


Allison said...

I'm assuming from your description of AC's haircut that you visited sweet & sassy!! Jacob got the WORST haircut ever there- dumb & dumber but worse!! We had to move him over to sports clips or the barber shop in cahaba heights! you should ask shanna who she uses since bennett and G have such similar hair!!

Hank and Laura said...

He is adorable! I always find haircuts a little traumatic and my idea of "a little longer" and the stylists aren't always the same. I think he looks great and whoever cut it did a good job.
Please send me your email address so I can "invite" you to read our blog. I have made it private but I still want our friends to be able to see it. Thanks!

Summer said...

can't believe how big he is!! such a cutie!!!!