Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation pics

My little surfer dude...check out that mop top!

Enjoying a fudge-dipped ice cream popsicle

This is probably my favorite beach shot

Mimi and Grandpa w/ their four favorite people...:)

We just got back from a wonderful week-long vacation down at St. George Island, FL. I highly recommend the place if you want a family-oriented, non-touristy vacation spot. It's mostly just beach houses, and there are a very few restaurants. Only one chain place - Subway. No Mickey D's or anything! We had our own pool, which was really nice. The Bean loved the pool and by the 3rd day or so was "swimming" by herself. Bubs warmed up to the water and loved it too! And both of them loved the ocean and beach. Bubs was happy just to walk around on the beach (and eat the sand, but oh well!). It was a very relaxing trip, and a good time w/ my family. Here are some pics!


Angie Davis said...

love the mop top. and, i ran out and bought a puddle jumper last week after reading your post!

Summer said...

LOVE the beach shots!!! they turned out great!!