Saturday, March 20, 2010

Her Obsession

In one of my recent posts, I sort-of alluded to the Bean's obsession with all things Snow White. Well, the Bean has taken it to the next level.
Her hair has been badly in need of a trim for the last several weeks. Being a true frugalista, I decided I could cut it myself. So I got a tutorial from my friend over at Pink Magnolia's, and bought a pair of shears from Sally's. When I told the Bean that I was going to cut her hair, she had an opinion. She wanted it cut like Snow White's. So I got a picture of Snow White and explained to the Bean that Snow White's hair was chin-length. And the Bean's hair was down to the middle of her back. And that once we cut the hair, we couldn't tape or glue it back on. And maybe we shouldn't cut it that short. But the Bean could not be deterred. She wanted it cut like Snow White's. So we did. And I cut off 7 inches of hair!!! SEVEN!! The Bean LOVES it, and she takes a second look now anytime she sees herself in the mirror. We also curled it for the pics to really get the Snow White look down pat. What a fun memory!