Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puddle Jumpers

Is anybody looking for a flotation device for their kid? B/c I have a recommendation. My nephew had one called a Puddle Jumper that my brother was raving about, so I decided to try it for the Bean. By her second time in the pool, she was "swimming" to the side by herself and jumping in the pool too. The Puddle Jumper isn't inflatable, so you don't have to blow it up, and it goes around the chest and arms so it keeps them up out of the water, and it buckles in the back so they can't unbuckle it. And they are only about $15 at Wal-mart. $15 well-spent, if you ask me!

My man the lumberjack

The mighty man felled the tree...

Those branches are no match for a 20 foot chainsaw.

It helps to be 6'4" sometimes.

Aren't they gorgeous!?!

As you all probably know, we moved a couple of months ago. What you may not know is that our new house had been vacant for two years b/f we moved in it. (Which helped us get a great deal...thank you Lord!) Anyway, the former owners mowed the grass when they moved out but that was about it for lawn care, so our yard needed a little TLC. So we've had some landscaping guys out here doing a few things, like trimming everything up, ripping some things out, laying down fresh pine straw, etc. Some of you who know RR well know that he has always said that he didn't think he'd be a fan of lawncare. (We haven't had a lawn up until this house.) But give a man a big chainsaw and it'll change his mind!! (Plus, since RR grew up in the country (and I mean country), he's cut down trees before. Like big trees. Who knew?? And he worked at a sod farm during HS too, so the man knows his grass.) To save money, RR did a few projects himself, like sawing down some low branches, small trees, and general underbrush-ishness. (Yes, I made up that word.) He worked for several hours over a couple of days and was quite the lumberjack. I wish I had before and after pics of the yard, but I don't, so I included some action pics instead. My "contribution" to the landscaping was to cut off some hydrangea blooms and put them in a vase. It was so fun cutting flowers from the yard!! I was quite proud of my man the lumberjack for doing a lot of hard work (and not chopping off an appendage in the process - whew)!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conversations w/ the Bean

Here's how a conversation w/ the Bean went this morning:

Bean: I like your earrings, Mommy.

Me: Thanks, Bean! I got them for my birthday.

Bean: Did you get them at your party?

Me: Well, no. I didn't have a birthday party this year. I just bought them for myself.

Bean: Nobody gave you any presents?!?

Me: Well, Mimi and Aunt Pat gave me some money so that's what I bought the earrings with.

Bean: Are you sad that you didn't get a party or cake or presents?

Me: Well, maybe a little bit, I guess.

Bean: Aww, Mommy. Don't be sad...don't cry. (She hugs me.)
(I am not anywhere near crying at this point, btw.)

Bean: I know what will make you feel better, Mommy!

Me: What's that, Bean?

Bean: A Diet Coke!!

My daughter knows me well!

Summer pics


This was the best picture we could get...none of them wanted to stop and pose...

Bubs really liked the sprinkers! Maybe he'll warm up to the baby pool soon!

Evan and the Bean held hands on the way to the train...they were just walking along at their own pace talking to each other about stuff they sweet!

For the 4th of July, we went to our friend's house over at Green Eggs in the 'Ham, and we had a great time! They had BBQ and all the fixin's to go along w/ it. The Bean LOVED the BBQ and actually had seconds and thirds!! She kept saying, "I want more meat, Mommy." And for an after-dinner treat, we had good old fashioned ice cream cones, which were a hit w/ the kiddos. I even gave Bubs an ice cream cone, and he ate the entire thing. :) As was evidenced by his outfit afterward. The Mure's had a castle bouncer, and that was lots of fun too. We had so much fun over there that we lost track of time and kept our poor kids up 'til 10 pm! Not that they were acting tired...they were having too much fun!

Last week we went to the zoo w/ my brother & sister-in-law and their kids, and our friends the Robertson's too. Bubs did great even though he didn't get a nap, and the Bean had a great time w/ Evan and Little I. Their favorite part was playing in the sprinklers and riding the train. Although by the time we rode the train, Bubs was so tired he just laid on my shoulder the whole time. :)

Fun times!