Monday, October 11, 2010

Bubs First Day of "School"

I like it when Bubs look like a sweet little baby (like in this pic...this is what the kids wore for recent family pics), but more and more I am starting to dress him in polos and jeans. Sigh. It has to happen sometime!

Bubs and his "teachoos" he says it is mid-way through October almost, and I forgot to post Bubs first day of school pic! Well, here ya go! He likes his class, although he doesn't really have any "friends" (i.e. my friends kids that we hang out with!) in there this year. After about the second or third week, he told me "No paint, Mama. I no paint class. I play owside." In other words, he wasn't a big fan of craft time...he preferred the playground! But I think he is coming around b/c he is gets excited and proud of himself now when he shows me his crafts from class. Also, he has started having Sunday School lessons in the nursery at church since he's a big 2 years old now, and he's really listening! I asked him a couple of Sundays ago what his lesson was on, and he said "Jesus...big boat...rain and rain and rain and rain." And after looking at his take home paper, his lesson was on Noah and the Ark! He still thinks Jesus drives the big boat, and the Bean corrects him every time..."No Bubs!! Noah drives the big boat! Not Jesus!" And Bubs will usually reply..."No Jesus!!" Funny how kids can argue about Jesus. Anyway, little Bubbers is growing up fast, talking in whole sentences, and getting so tall! He is also starting to show a lot of interest in the potty. Sigh. I guess I will need to start on potty training soon!