Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conversations w/ the Bean

Here's how a conversation w/ the Bean went this morning:

Bean: I like your earrings, Mommy.

Me: Thanks, Bean! I got them for my birthday.

Bean: Did you get them at your party?

Me: Well, no. I didn't have a birthday party this year. I just bought them for myself.

Bean: Nobody gave you any presents?!?

Me: Well, Mimi and Aunt Pat gave me some money so that's what I bought the earrings with.

Bean: Are you sad that you didn't get a party or cake or presents?

Me: Well, maybe a little bit, I guess.

Bean: Aww, Mommy. Don't be sad...don't cry. (She hugs me.)
(I am not anywhere near crying at this point, btw.)

Bean: I know what will make you feel better, Mommy!

Me: What's that, Bean?

Bean: A Diet Coke!!

My daughter knows me well!


April Brown said...

That's life with a 3 year old...hysterical!

Allison said...

very sweet! I love how daughters are concerned about their mommy's feelings!!

The Baugher's 3 said...

Too cute!! I love hearing their thoughts...you never know what's going on in those little minds!