Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Fun

The Bean loves her some party can barely see her skates in this pic. Yes, I skated, and I didn't break anything!!

The cookie decorating extravaganza

The cookie decorating attendees

Here are some photos of the Bean and I having fun this past month. Our SS class had a cookie decorating party for Valentine's at the Galleria, and all the kids had a blast! The Bean decorated her cookie, but didn't even eat it. She did, however, ask for more gummi bears. I don't think any of those made it on her cookie. We also rode the carousel afterward, which was a big hit w/ the Bean.

My brother's b'day is also in Feb., and to celebrate his wife threw him a surprise roller skating party! We left Baby G w/ our neighbors and took the Bean to Uncle Drew's party in Gadsden. She was a little scared of the roller skates at first, but then decided to give it a try. RR didn't skate, so he walked around the rink w/ the Bean holding her by the armpits so she could "skate." She loved "walking on wheels", as she called it. She also got a glow bracelet (there were black lights in the rink, so that was super fun) and had some cookie cake. She had so much fun in fact, that she did not go to sleep on the way back but chatted it up with us until we put her to bed around 10 pm. :)


Holly said...

No broken bones! Yay!

Kari said...

I loved seeing you a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait until May, look out Cape Cod. Hey we want you guys to take the same flight and get their early that day, maybe even go to Martha's vineyard or Boston? Love you!

BKicklighter said...

This needs more explanation - are you guys IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL decorating cookies?? Did you do this in conjunction with a store? What in the world?

Amanda said...

BK - yes, we are in the middle of the mall at the food court. We are right behind the elevators by the old Macy's. I don't think you have to have an special permission to use that area (but I wasn't in charge of the event), and several people bought lunch at the food court, so we were paying customers! :) Our SS has done it for several years in a row now for V-Day. Kari - I know we are planning on flying to Cape Cod a day early w/ the Gold and Silver folks...a day trip would be fun!