Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day '09

Warming up w/ some hot chocolate

RR and the Bean only added to this snowman, I think...some other kids actually built it. There was also a 2nd snowman in this field...hence the lack of snow on the ground.

The kiddos and I...I do not have cold weather clothes either. I have on sweats, Timberlands, a hat and scarf, and my nice coat. I think I look kind of scary, actually. :)

Ian and the Bean...note the Bean's pageant feet. Thought that was funny.

All bundled up

Yesterday the Bean woke up to quite a surprise - snow! This was her first "real" snow...we had some flurries last year, but nothing significant, so this was her first time to see snow. She wasn't quite sure what she thought about it. She wasn't in any hurry to get outside, and once she got outside she was kind of just wandering about. :) Several of the neighborhood kids, including the Bean's friend Little I, were outside playing. Baby G and I made a very brief appearance outside, since he's a little under the weather right now. Then we came inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. It was a little interesting to dress the Bean to go play in the snow, since we really don't have a lot of cold weather clothing. The hat and gloves were 12-18 month size and therefore were squeezed on her, and we just layered up really good. She has a turtleneck, a sweater, a hoodie, and a coat. But just one pair of pants. Harder to layer pants. :) I honestly think she enjoyed the hot chocolate more than the snow, but RR and I had fun watching her play in it!


Allison said...

we had a hard time getting dressed, too. I actually put tights on under A's pants. Our biggest problem was not having waterproof gloves- our little cotton ones were soaked pretty quickly and then they were freezing! Fun for a day, though!!

jess said...

First of all, that's not basketball on in the background, is it?!?!? Not in your house, I know!!

And we don't have snow clothes either...I'm impressed you still have those Timberlands...I sure was needing mine yesterday!
Aren't you glad we made it back in time to see the kids play in it?

MomE said...

Thanks for fixing up our snowman!

Amy said...

cute blog layout!!! I read this post and meant to comment but got sidetracked. I was going to tell you that when we layer the boys clothes we use the tight pajama bottoms under pants.
Also I didn't measure the splat mats. I just cut them but I would guess they were about 28" long and the width of a big roll of the contact paper. Sorry.

Holly said...

I recognize your hat from our trip to Prague