Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hide and Go Seek

Proof that he's under there! This was taken after I lifted up the bumper and had unsnapped half the top sheet.

Where's Bubs??? Bubs' feet are under the blanket, and his head is down toward the right. Diagonal lump.

Up near the top of the crib toward the right is Bubs' head.

It often takes Bubs a while to fall asleep in the today was no exception. I went upstairs after about 20 min of "nap protest" and turned his music back on, and then after another 20 min of the protest had gone on, I went up to check again and to turn his music on. Only when I went in the room, I looked in the crib and there was no Bubs. I knew I had heard him on the monitor, so I knew he was there somewhere! I looked under his blanket in the crib - no Bubs. And then I noticed a diagonal-shaped lump under his top sheet. (We use one of those "Ultimate Crib Sheets" that snap onto the crib...they're awesome...if the baby wets/poops/spits up on the sheet, just unsnap it and there's a fresh fitted sheet underneath. No need to take the bumper out, change the fitted sheet, etc. Again, AWESOME if you don't have one. The Bean uses one too, and this is the first "incident" we've had w/ it in 2 1/2 years.) I thought, "No, he couldn't have crawled underneath his top sheet!" I mean, it snaps to the crib slats in 6 places! But Bubs found the one opening big enough to fit through, and he wriggled his way in there 'til you couldn't see one inch of him! It was hilarious, and being Mom of the Year, I immediately went for my camera instead of taking off the top sheet. Incidentally, he did fall asleep afterward.


Amy said...

welcome to the wonderful world of boys in which you are daily saying "how did he do that" It absolutely boggles my mind some days.

Peggy said...

That is seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Glad you went for the camera!

jessica said...

wow! That is talent! glad you took a picture.