Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zoo Trip

Aww! The Bean holding hands w/ her new friend, Micaiah. (Hope I spelled that right, Jessica K.!)
Lauren and the Bean

Micaiah, the Bean, Molly and Annie

We went to the zoo yesterday with some friends and had a great time! Oh, and half of Birmingham was also there. It was crazy crowded. Sorry there are no pics of Bubs, but he was chillin' in the stroller and wasn't as good of a "subject." Also, as a little money-saving tip, I recently found out you can join the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) and get free admission to the B'ham Zoo...and it's about $40 cheaper than a B'ham Zoo membership! Plus you can visit over 100 other nationwide zoos for free or discounted admission. Just check w/ your local zoo to make sure they honor the FONZ membership.

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Amy said...

that is a great tip!!! Glad you had fun!!!