Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

I made turkey shirts for Baby G and the Bean, although I think they sort of look like peacocks after looking at them for a while. Maybe next year I'll leave out the blue and green!

Roll Tide!


The Bean loved her hat and "special boots."

We had 3 "big events" on Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving, of course, and then the Iron Bowl (of course), and decorating the Christmas tree. (Ok, so we decorated the Christmas tree on Monday, but I wanted to put all this in one post.) I only got 2 pics from Thanksgiving day b/c I am quite negligent when it comes to taking photos, but in my defense the Bean left early to go home w/ Mimi and Grandpa, and Baby G took a 3 1/2 hour afternoon nap. Thanksgiving day we went to my uncle's house in Pell City, and the Bean had a big time. There were lots of toys there to play with, and lots of desserts and "jello" (i.e. cranberry sauce) to be eaten. Then the Bean went home w/ Mimi and Grandpa, and RR and I had a very relaxing couple of nights w/ just Baby G at our house. We went to pick the Bean up and watch the Iron Bowl at my parent's house on Saturday. We were all in our Tide regalia. Then Monday night we decorated the tree after Baby G was in bed. We had brownies and hot chocolate. This was the Bean's 1st time to have hot chocolate, and she loved it! We danced to Christmas music and hung ornaments and had a grand ole' time. Enjoy the pics!


BKicklighter said...

I LOVE the shirts. LOVE THEM.

Allison said...

LOVE the turkey shirts. Nathan has one that looks so similar from Blessed be the name. You are so talented!!

Summer said...

how bout those shirts!!! super cute!!! and a 3 1/2 hr nap?? what's going on here? does that happen often??