Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bean's translation dictionary

The Bean is talking up a storm now, and I thought some of you might want to know what words she is using. And if you are around her, this will be helpful in translating her budding language. :)

Words You'd Recognize
Mimi (what we call my mom)
Bow-bow (hairbow)
Ian (our neighbor)
Moo (as in "what does a cow say?")
Hot dog
Cheese (although it can sound an awful lot like keys & vice versa)
Bye-bye (w/ a strong southern accent, unfortunately)
Hmmm (in a very pondering sort of way with the head tilted to one side)
Bok-bok (sound a chicken makes)
Oof-oof (sound a dog makes)
Baa (sound a sheep makes)
Tea (she has a tea set that she calls tea)

Words You'd Probably Not Recognize
Nak (snack)
Mish (milk)
Boosh or bush (book)
Shi-shoes (shoes)
Launch (lunch)
Googie (cookie)
Mu-mu (either movie or music...both sound the same)
Dak-dak (the sound a duck makes)
Peas (please)
Bumpaw (Grandpaw - what we call my dad)
Dew (Uncle Drew)
Emon (lemon)
S (yes)
Dacker (cracker)

So here are some identifiable sentences that the Bean often uses based off of the above list:

"Mish, peas!"
"Dada bye-bye?"
"Ian ball." (As in, Ian is playing with a ball.")
"Shi-shoes. Bye." (As in, let's get on our shoes and go bye-bye.)
"Up, peas!" (As in, pick me up.)
"No, JUICE!" (As in, don't give me any stinkin' water or milk...I want juice!)

That is a little glimpse into the Bean's ever-growing vocabulary. Now you should be able to understand every word she says!! (Yeah, right!!)


Kari said...

I love it! She is talking up a storm. Way to go Bean. Can't wait to hang out with you guys soon.

MaryMartha said...

I did make those pink shorts that match the appliqué. (i made that too). I like the shorts, but decided to make them bloomers...she can't wear that stuff much longer and its just cuter! The patterns from "Nice places" like Smocking Bird, fit us much better. The ones from Hancocks just don't work well for us. I really just put elastic in the bottom of one of the shorts pattens I have.

MaryMartha said...

HA! It was another amanda...thats funny :) I didn't even know she was reading! Oh well! I'm a dork :)
Keep posting your projects so I can get ideas!