Monday, March 17, 2008

Wait 'til you hear this one!!

Most of you know that I grew up in a very small rural town called Glencoe. Well, guess what I saw when I went home this weekend and turned onto my parent's road????

That's right...a dating service just for Glencoe!!! I looked this up...our population is approximately 5,200 people, and the town covers about a 16 mile radius. Let's say that 50% of the population is married or too young/too old to date. (And that's probably a little low.) That leaves 2,600. And let's say 50% of those singles actually sign up on this site. (And that's probably a little high.) That's 1,300. And say the male to female ratio is 50/50. That leaves 650 potential date matches. And out of all of those, how many would you actually match with, like 5%? That's only 32 or 33 people. And they probably already know them all anyway!!! Seriously...have the website creators ever heard of E-Harmony?????? There's not enough numbers to even make it worthwhile!!

I have been laughing about this all weekend. I know there are a couple of Glencoe singles who read this blog...I DARE you to try it out!! Wouldn't it be funny if we knew your matches? Let me know if you do. :) I'll post some results.


Peggy said...

HAHA! I can't wait to tell Rick about this. He grew up in Rainbow City so I'll have to get him to check it out!!

Loehr Family said...

Thanks for that! I needed a laugh today...and that is definitly good for one. I honestly can't believe that. This is why everyone thinks that people in Alabama marry their cousins.

jess said...

oh. my. word.

i think we just found the activity for our next girls' night!


Rick H. said...

You got me curious so I did a search on Google to confirm that my hometown (rainbow city) isn't technologically behind little ole Glencoe!

Holly said...

Okay, I went to the website to see and "Lisa and Jeremy" who "found love" on the website? Not from Glencoe. I think it's maybe a scam or related to a bigger dating service. Unfortunately, you can't see who's on there unless you register. Very weird.