Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can you say blackmail?!?

Wearing Mommy's shoes...a sassy leopard print!
Princess Bubs

I'm actually shocked that the Snow White outfit was off the Bean's body long enough for Bubs to put it on. The Bean wants to wear her Snow White outfit EVERYWHERE.

Poor Bubs. His big sis loves to dress up, and all her dress-up clothes are girly. Bubs wants to join in the fun, but the only "boy" dress-up stuff we have is a little fireman's hat...and a "cowboy hat" ('s actually Mommy's old straw beach hat, but hey, it KIND OF looks like a cowboy hat???). So Bubs ends up wearing the Bean's dress-up clothes. These will be the pictures I break out when his freshman prom date comes over. He, he, he!!! Those and the bathtub pics!! Maybe next b'day or Christmas I will buy poor Bubs a Superman cape or something. :)

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Summer said...

cute, cute!! he is sooo adorable!!