Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Packing down a snowball...
Chunking a snowball at Mama

This is "Crocodile Lake" in our neighborhood. No, that's not the actual name...just what the Bean calls it. I think she got that from a Dora episode. (Note the lack of snow!!)

Walking tall and carrying a big stick. :)

By the time we went out and played in the snow, we really didn't have much snow in our yard. So we went for a little walk to our neighborhood park and enjoyed some snow on the way. I also realized how unprepared we are for cold weather. I am the only one who has a hat, scarf, and gloves. Ray has two of the three, and Bubs has a hat. The Bean had nothing. So the kids wore "sock mittens." Is it just me, or is anybody else too cheap to buy a hat and mitten set when your child MIGHT use it once or twice a year? Their coats have hoods, so most days that's all they need! Anyway, the kiddos had big fun playing in the snow. Bubs mostly just liked walking around in it and was content to carry sticks around during our walk. The Bean, however, instigated a snowball fight with Daddy. He was happy to oblige. :) It was beautiful to see everything dusted in snow. That was my favorite part!

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April Brown said...

fun family times!! Because I was tormented as a child with the sock gloves I am ridiculous about hat and mittens sets :) We have so many I could probably pass some on to the Bean and Bubs and the kids wouldn't even miss them! We all have our issues, right! right? :)