Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things I Enjoy Part 2

I thought I'd put a few things the Bean enjoys:

  • taking stuff out of drawers or baskets and throwing it around (this can occupy her for quite a while!) The evidence is above!!

  • anything Mommy and Daddy are eating

  • walking around with her push toy

  • clapping her hands

  • going for strolls

  • being outside

  • being around people, especially her Mimi, Grandpa, Uncle Drew, Aunt Marianna and Cousin Evan

  • Daddy coming home each day

  • dogs

Things the Bean doesn't enjoy:

  • the top 0' the morning diaper change

  • going to the nursery

  • baby food (she wants to feed herself!)

T'hings I enjoy about the Bean:

  • her toothy grin (8 teeth so far!)

  • sweet (and sometimes slobbery) kisses and hugs

  • snuggling (very rare nowadays)

  • baby babble (especially mamamamamama)

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