Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Potty Training - Day One at naptime

Well, it's naptime, and potty training has been in full swing at our house. So far, we have gone through 17 pairs of Elmo and princess undies. SEVENTEEN! We had 3 clean pairs left before naptime. I am washing the others now. I am sure we will have more accidents b/f the day is done, but I have been assured by many that this is normal. The lady who wrote the book on this 3 day method said that her son went through 46 pairs of undies on his first day. That makes me feel better. The Bean is catching it about 50% of the time, so half of our accidents were either on our way to the potty or b/c some wayward pee shot out on her undies when she was on the potty. She's even gone poopy in the potty! Several times she's ran to the potty and kept her undies dry, so even though we gone through 17 (SEVENTEEN) pairs of undies, I am not totally discouraged. When I was feeding Baby G I had to put him down like 5 times for me to go put the Bean on the potty. Poor kid - he didn't like that too much.

Pray for endurance for us - I'll keep you posted, my vast readership!


jess said...

tell the Bean that Aunt Jessi says, "WAY TO GO!"
the fact that she went poop is astounding and she's still 5 days shy of 2 years!! good job :)

The Shulls said...

How cool!!!! What a big girl!!! I am about to start training Nate!! I'll get a good bunch of undies for the new big boy!

BKicklighter said...

What book are you referring to?

jessica said...

So funny! Sounds like she is doing good. I promise the accidents will decrease each day.