Friday, August 1, 2008


I was thinking today how lax I've gotten since Baby G has been born. I thought it would be theraputic for me to confess my faults to you all. :) Here we go...maybe some of you can relate!

1) The Bean now knows the words "cheeps" (chips) and "dwench dwies" (french fries). She has, on at least one occasion, eaten cheeps for breakfast and now says dwench dwies whenever we go through a drive-thru.

2) The Bean also knows "hartoons" (cartoons) b/c I have let her watch them a few times (maybe more than a few) when I am busy w/ the baby. Now she asks for "hartoons" or "Dahby-Tutu" (Darby and Tutu - the two characters in her Veggietales video) at some point every day. (Sigh.)

3) I was going to scrub my toilets recently, only I realized that I had nothing to scrub them with. I had know idea I was out of toilet cleaner, so what does that tell you? It's been a while.

4) I've only washed Baby G's bassinet sheet once since he's been born. He's 11 weeks old.

5) At least twice a week I go to McDonald's just to get myself a large Diet Coke (just $1.09!!), and usually I get the Bean a chocolate milk or apple juice just to keep her from asking for "Mommy's juice."

There's more, I'm sure. But you know what? We are all still here and alive and well despite all of these things!! Hopefully the first three months of "survival" of Baby G's life won't scar him or the Bean for life. Because although I'm not planning on feeding the Bean cheeps for breakfast anymore and I do plan on cleaning my toilets soon, I'm making no promises on the Diet Coke runs. :)


Allison said...

girl, you are not alone! There was a season when I remember most of the kids meals required ketchup.
It is JUST a season, so do what you have to do. no judgments on the diet coke. Some days for me, a diet dr. pepper is as good as a margarita:)

Angie Davis said...

oh, you horrible, horrible mom :)

I'm sure EVERY mom that reads your blog can relate - to all 5. before i had a child i thought mine would be the healthiest eating kids ever, and i'm already being quite humbled (and he is only 1....and i only have 1)

He actually ate dog food today. of course i didn't offer it, complete accident, but i would have rather it been cheeps.

Allison said...

I think we've all been there, but I am especially fond of the cheeps for breakfast!! Don't worry about the tv watching- she won't remember it (and honestly, neither will you) in a year or so!!

Amy said...

give yourself LOTS of grace and enjoy Baby G. He will get older and you will return closely to your old ways. Notice I said closely because for the next few years you will have to let things go (trust me, our personalities are alot alike). Love to get together soon if you are up for the company. Enjoy your diet cokes and cartoons won't hurt Bean.

jess said...

hmmm...perhaps i should confess some things too! don't be too hard on yourself!

i still feel like i'm in survival mode and m is 8 mos ;)

and by the way, we in the parris household have recently changed our pronunciation to "cheeps" b/c that is WAY cooler.

April Brown said...

sweet amanda, every week we go to Jeremy's office to have lunch with's really a way for me to get out of the house, get help and get food that I do not have to clean up! This is so much a part of our routine that whenenver we pass Jeremy's office Molly will say, "Are we going to get a grill cheese." I have had to die to so many things...5 would be an understatement!

Love the pics of Baby G!! He's such a cutie!!