Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Potty Training - Day Two at naptime

This morning has been much better! We've only gone through 4 pairs of undies, and only one of those was a true accident. The others were wayward pee again. (Got to remember to set her far back enough on the potty!) I am much encouraged!! I'm beginning to be a believer in this 3 day method!


MaryMartha said...

Whoo Hoo! Yeah for ya'll!

The 3 day method sounds much better than the 1 day method.
Although, i'm not sure I could ever handle 50 pairs of undies in 1 day.

The Shulls said...

Yay!!! What a good progress!!! I am so proud of the Bean, what a big girl!!!!!

Where can I find information about the 3 day method? (I've just never heard about it until now)

Peggy said...

Both my girls were trained in 3 days! It does work!! YEA AC!