Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Potty Training - Day One Summary

Well, the afternoon was better. We only went through 12 pairs of undies. That makes a grand total of 29 undies. But I did not help her this afternoon...I did a dumb thing. I told our neighbors they could come over and play (since we couldn't leave the house). The Bean was very distracted while they were there and had several accidents. After they left, she did much better. She did poop in her pants once, but other than that she pretty much caught herself every time and ran to the potty. I am a little discouraged, as I thought we'd go through less undies and generally do better, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. That's what everybody says, anyhow. We'll see!

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Allison said...

hang in there! I think it's a great sign that she's catching herself and running to the potty. I kept telling myself, I am totally retraining a physical and mental urge b/c for 2 years they have just gone wherever they were w/out thinking about it. Hopefully the next two days will be full of improvement! BTW, number 2 usually takes longer- she's doing great!!!