Thursday, August 28, 2008

Potty Training - Day Three Summary

Hello all! Well, the Bean did pretty good today. She had four "true" accidents, which surprised me a little, but she ended the day on a good note. She caught herself going poopy and finished in the potty. We are staying at home again all day tomorrow, and hopefully she won't have any accidents. But I have to keep in mind that she is just few days shy of two...she's still a little young for all this! After the vast improvement from Day One to Day Two, I thought she'd sail through today w/ no accidents, and I think maybe that was a little bit of an unrealistic expectation considering that she's been going in her diaper for almost two years!

As a side note, over the past three days I have eaten my weight in M&M's as I've given them out to her, and I've watched more Barney and Sesame Street than any person should be made to endure. I think I'm going to turn purple and break out in song and dance.


jess said...

well if that does indeed happen just think what a great side show it will be for the b'day party!

Kari said...

Amanda, you guys seem to be doing great. Way to go AC! I'm with you in eating your weight in their reward candy. I did the same! Todd and I were just talking about you guys yesterday. He had asked if I had talked to you.

MomE said...

I'm proud of both of you. And, don't feel bad about the MMs. You earned em!