Friday, August 29, 2008

Potty Training - Day Four at naptime

I have a potty prodigy on my hands. We have achieved potty perfection today. She even did poopy on the potty with no persuasion! (Do you like my illiteration?) Seriously, she has done so great today! The Bean has had no accidents thus far. I must share a couple of the day's highlights:

1) The Bean told me she had to go poopy this morning, so we went to the potty but she just went tee-tee. I told her good for trying and went on to the next thing. The Bean stayed in the bathroom (she was playing peek-a-boo behind the door), but I didn't think much of it. She shut the door and couldn't open it back up and started asking to be let out. So I went to open the door and she says, "Poo-poo." I look in the grown-up potty, and there is her poo. I was like, did she sit on the grown-up potty and go poo-poo? So I asked her where she went potty, and she pointed to her potty, and sure enough there were remnants in her potty! She had gone poopy in her potty and deposited it in the grown-up potty to flush!

2) We went on some errands today to pick up some things for her b'day party. I wasn't sure what to do, but I put her in a pull-up for the outing. I asked her to go b/f we left, and she went twice b/f we left. And I brought her little seat that goes on top of a grown-up potty w/ us. (She has been using the small floor potty, and had not used the transitional seat.) Once we got to Costco I asked her if she needed to go, and she went on the big girl potty! Then she went again b/f we left Costco, and twice at Wal-mart! She never went in her pull-up!

This is probably all TMI for most of you, but those of you who have been through this potty training experience know how exciting a day like today is! Yea Bean!!

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Angie Davis said...

wow. no, i have yet to go through it, but it does sound like you have a little prodigy!

it's going to be real fun when she gets so excited about it that she wants to use the potty in every new place you go!