Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye bye tee-tee!

The Bean tee-teed on the potty all by herself today! We haven't really started potty training, but today she told me she had to go tee-tee, so she went on her potty! Then we flushed it and said, "Bye bye tee-tee!" And she's been saying that all day since then. :) I'm hoping to start full-fledged training her next week. Any advice?


Allison said...

My advice: Commit to it. Once you start, make up your mind that there's no going back. We woke up that morning and let neily throw away the few diapers she had left (I went back and got them out to save for Jake) so she knew there wasn't another option other than the potty. I know AC will do great. She seems so ready. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!

Allison said...

buy some fun treats that you usually don't keep and let her choose one each time she goes (we also bought a bigger treat for #2- A's was a patty cake dvd) Also, plan to stay home for 3 days to give it your all!! Lastly, keep her in pull-ups at nap and bedtime until she's dry for 3 weeks!! Good luck!

Kari said...

I recommend the 3 day potty training booklet. If you haven't gotten it from Allison, I can send it to you. Just let me know. It's a quick read. I agree with Allison, I think she will do great.
Let us know how it goes.