Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pink or Blue?

Well, I can't tell you yet. :) Sorry! RR wants to wait to tell my family on Saturday when we are having his birthday dinner. And my brother does read my blog, and so do other family members, so I'll have to wait for the big reveal. I will say that everything on the ultrasound looked fine, and it looks like we have a healthy baby. We are also 99% sure about the name, so we'll reveal that too.

So the party line until Saturday is "The Bean is going to have a baby sibling!" If you call, I will tell you I can't talk about it, b/c if I do, I might slip up!


jessica said...

Boo! Call your families right now and tell them so we can all know! :)
Glad everything went well and the little boy i mean the baby is healthy. :)

Loehr Family said...

I agree! Boo! You shouldn't get the hopes of your readers up just to have them all come crashing down around us! However, I AM happy to hear that baby Skinner is healthy!

Dollar General said...

I can't wait to know. Don't lose your excitement after telling your family and forget to blog it SUN or Monday! HA! Congrats!

jess said...

Thank you for bringing me b'fast this morning! It was yummy and I'm thrilled that our babies will only be 6 mos apart!!! You know I was praying we'd eventually both have children in the same school year ;)