Monday, January 21, 2008

New Blog Name

When we have Baby G, we won't be able to call this blog "And Baby Makes Three" anymore. Any ideas for a new title?


Allison said...

you may think this is total cheesewad, but it's the best I could come up with:
a - for amanda
ray - obviously for the hubby
blue- G-man
Pink - the bean

I thought of another that's funny, but inappropriate to write here. I tell you onver e-mail.

Amanda said...

Not bad! Better than I could come up w/!

Haley said...

and baby makes four

The Terrells said...

hey amanda! so fun to see pics of your little one and congrats on number two! the dress I was wearing was actually from another wedding!! i look forward to continuing to read you blog and I don't have any great suggestions for you on your blog name- sorry!!

The Terrells said...

hey amanda- it is bethany again- i read your blog about comparing prices and you said something about publix giving cookies but just wanted to tell you that wal-mart gives cookies too!! we get one everytime we go before check-out!! also- seth wants your and ray's e-mail addresses please- you can e-mail them to him-
Thanks so much