Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bean and her BFF's

The Bean has always slept w/ her lovey, Bun Bun. But now she has decided to add a few friends to the mix. Usually every night she'll ask for several extra stuffed animals to sleep w/, and if she doesn't ask for them then, then she wants them first thing in the morning b/f I get her out of the crib. It's a little crowded in there, but pretty cute!


The Shulls said...

that's really cute... Nate has his friends that he sleeps with, but the funny part is when at the middle of the night they are on his way to repositioning and then he kicks them on his sleep! Isn't he such a boy?!?

I love the pictures of the Bean.. she is such a cute little girl ;)


katie said...

cutie as usual...
i'm quite curious about the dolls in the crib... not the usual baby doll. ;)