Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas pics

Here are a few Christmas pics. A great time was had by all. A side note to the Laughlin's: I thought I took a pic of the babies at the Laughlin Christmas, but either I thought I did and didn't, or it didn't take. So if any of you have one, I'd like a copy! These are in no particular order. :) Merry belated Christmas, everyone!!

The Bean tackling and/or trying to kiss Evan. Both are common. :) This was Evan's toy tunnel but they both loved it.

With the HS friends' kiddos.

With all my HS buds.

Opening presents w/ Daddy on Christmas morning at Mimi and Grandpa's house.

Doing the happy dance about her vacuum-esque toy.

So excited about her ball popper. This is probably her favorite gift, along w/ her stick horse that whinnies and neighs.

The Skinner fam in the swing at my Aunt Pat and Uncle Earl's house for my mom's side of the family Christmas.

My nephew Evan and cousin Madison w/ the Bean and Mimi (what we call my mom).

Invading Evan's personal space, as usual. The Bean loves to snuggle up w/ Evan. The riding toy was just a bonus.

Being greeted by Maggie, my brother's dog. Maggie licked the Bean for about the first 30 minutes we were there. Of course, the Bean had just downed almost a whole bowl of salsa, so you can't blame Maggie. :)

At Evan's baptism w/ our family and my sister-in-law's family. They did it the Sunday b/f Christmas so everyone could be there.


Loehr Family said...

Cute pictures! George also got a busy ball popper. Right now he likes tip it towards his face and let the air blow on him. The balls popping out make him giggle.

lauren said...

so cute.

the ball popper is the best thing EVER invented. liam got that as a baby and they finally wore the motor out this year, from using it so much. i think we may need to get another for this baby.

she will seriously play with that until she's at least 5 (ellie loves it as much as liam!)!

jess said...
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jess said...

we almost got g a ball popper this christmas-at age 3 and a half! doesn't it say for 6 mos + ??? how funny! he loves ellie and liam's. you'll definitely get lots of mileage out of that one.

i love how affectionate AC is and how she giggles at my boys. her smile just lights up the room.