Monday, January 28, 2008

Grocery deals of the week

I think I may start posting my grocery deals and steals, and maybe you can copy me if you use comp ads and coupons. Maybe this will save some people a little bit of time. Or maybe I will inspire you to start using them yourself! :) Anyway, here are today's deals:

1) Piggly Wiggly ad - strawberries for $1.99/pk ($3.99 at Wal-mart), Ronco pasta 2/88 cents (89 cents/pk at Wal-mart)

2) Bruno's - french baugettes for 99 cents ($1.33 at Wal-mart)

3) Target - All liquid laundry detergent (32 load or Small & Mighty) for $4 ($8.22 at Wal-mart) - got 2 of these!

4) Western - 93% lean ground beef for $2.49/lb ($3.68 at Wal-mart), Simply Orange juice for 2/$6 ($3.38 at Wal-mart) - got 4 lbs!

5) Winn Dixie - Gwaltney 40% less fat bacon for 2/$4 ($2 something at Wal-mart)

I also used $3.50 in coupons, so my total coupon/comp ad savings for this week was approx. $20.80. Not bad!!


Allison said...

I have become quite the ad comparer and coupon clipper, too. Sad that I can't share in the comparisons, but I will definitely let you know if I come across some great coupons. Thanks for sharing your thriftiness!

chrissy said...

Check out our blog at we take weekly specials and match them up with coupon to get rock bottom deals! We do several national chains like CVS, Walgreens, and Target-we also do local grocery chains. Good Luck!